cody bear's friends

round puppy bellies, smiling border collie faces

stand by for cutenes!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

ah, the rescue border collie mix puppies!  they’re about 5 weeks now!

some of them have already learned how to get in the pool!

some are still struggling with that.

betty is in her bowl.

they’re so funny!

their little animalities are already starting to show.  they’re all so different!

the mom is starting to wean them, so they have her milk and this california naturals kibble.

this one just planted himself in front of me and watched all the activity.

and…betty is still in her bowl.

more puppy pool fun.  if you’re ever feeling down…watch puppies try to figure out how to get into the pool…(we found a bee swimming in the pool and had to take it out so none of the fuzzy babies would get stung)

they’re irresistible.

and full of variety.

and thirsty.

and here is the happiest one.

in case you couldn’t tell already, this one with the half black half white muzzle is my favorite.  she’s a total puppy love!

i miss her already!!


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Oooohhhhhh! They most definitely are irresistible! Oh my they are so precious! You can probably guess which one is my favorite at the moment-lol!

Comment by Mercedes

Can we assume the number of pictures you posted of the pups is in proportion to the happiness you enjoyed while with them? I think so! What a bunch of characters…

Comment by Checkers

I love the picture of the one between the cushions … he looks like, “Are you going to help me out of this, or just sit there taking embarrassing pictures of me?”

Comment by jamesviscosi

So cute! Is the one with the half’n’half muzzle gonna be Cody Bear’s sister?

Comment by Laura

They are beyond adorable. Their mom looks so sweet.

Comment by Gina

laura, i’m hoping so. there are 10 puppies with this litter at border collie rescue. and i know there are other people looking at them. but she is the one i would want, so i hope no one else has their eye on her!

Comment by goodbear

Eeeeeeeeee! (that’s a typed squeel) They are so cute! I want them all! Right now! Extreme close-ups of dog noses is the best! Dogs with their tongues stuck out – also the best! love them!!!

Comment by elizabethews

I just wasn’t prepared for that much cuteness. How adorable is the smiley one…she looks like she will grow up to be a happy puppy (and quite a ham)!

Comment by Anna&the Pack

Beautiful, darling, I want to just squish them with love and kisses!!!!

Comment by Missy

they really are irresistible! so adorable. 🙂

Comment by henri hopper

I CAN’T STAAAAND IT! geeez they’re adorable! The one between the cushions has freckles.

Darn it! I want one. Correction. I want them all.

Comment by TheAgedCat

Heh am I actually the first reply to your awesome read!?

Comment by Madelyn Palacios

If I had a nickel for each time I came here… Incredible writing.

Comment by Ida Le

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