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cody bear walks the “mean streets”
May 29, 2008, 2:33 pm
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as i mentioned a few posts ago…cody bear has trust issues with dogs. (euphemism)

two nights in a row  we have been charged by a dog running off leash….owner present. both times the dogs ran across the street to charge my dog.

last night’s was the worst encounter and left me and cody bear quite rattled. we had walked to a friends shop to buy some healthy dog biscuits for cody’s pal, hannah. while there, we started talking about off leash dogs. we are in agreement. off leash dogs’s owners are jerks. (it is amazing how many people don’t agree with me!)

so, we left and began walking home. we hadn’t been walking 5 minutes when we were charged by a very angry shih tzu ….and his very large rottweiler buddy. the owner was in the front yard washing his a car. i screamed to him to come get his dog, but he didn’t. turns out he walks with a cane. once he realizes a fight is going on he starts to walk over. he had just been calling.

you guys…i seriously thought, “this is the end.” the dog was twice cody bear’s size. now, cody bear is fine, physically, but for those of you who read that previous post, you won’t be surprised to know that the emotional damage is the risk here.

wisely, our dog trainer and friend said i shouldn’t walk him for a couple days. the stress hormones from something that scary take a while to disipate, plus, he’s riled up. there was a lot of adrenaline moving through my little guy. when the man finally came to drag his dog home, the rottie was crying out in pain. that dog got hurt, not because of my dog who was protecting himself and me, but because his owner thinks it’s necessary to have his unleashed dogs in the front yard. and of note, the entire time the shih tzu would NOT shut up. even after the guy left with his rottie, the shih followed us up the street barking.

well, it took me half an hour to get him to go in the back yard this morning. he wouldn’t even get close to the door. he’s laying here by my feet. he’s one scared little bear.

i admit it: i was scared, too.

i’m so thankful he wasn’t physically hurt. it really is amazing. but, i’m sitting here at my desk writing as people walk by with their dogs. if i were to take cody bear out for a walk this morning, he might bark at anyone he sees, but you know what…it’s not his fault.


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People who don’t control their dogs shouldn’t have them! There’s a guy around the corner who always lets his golden run loose, and while he happens to be a friendly boy, he’s nearly gotten run over any number of times, and our dogs go nuts whenever he wanders into our yard. (They let their kids run around in the street too.)

Comment by jamesviscosi

Poor Cody Bear and poor Rottie…it’s just not fair. Chloe, our deceased toy poodle, once got bitten on the shoulder by one of the white German Shepherds that runs loose. She had to be taken to the vet…she was okay. We called the dog pound and they came out and the beautiful white dogs no longer run loose but the owner now brings them to poop in the yard beside us. 😦
Beautiful, sweet dogs….bad owner.

Comment by Gina

i know one time cody got out of the fence and tussled with an unaltered mail that was off leash. i felt horrible….but then we realized it was because the guy had been luring cody bear and cutting the fence to get him out. creepy.
but these people don’t feel bad ever. oh, i could go on and on.

Comment by goodbear

Poor Cody Bear! Hopefully, his dog buddies may help him feel better. I know his human buddy will.

Off-leash — not only inconsiderate to other dogs and dog owners, but dangerous for the dog running loose. Those folks may get a sad jolt some day if their dog gets hit by a car or . . .

Comment by TheAgedCat

Some people are such wankers! Poor old Cody Bear!

Comment by S. Le

Makes me wonder if one needs to carry mace just to leave their house!

Comment by Drunkbunny

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