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we were tagged…for reals!
June 30, 2008, 9:00 pm
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i’m out of the office for one day, ONE DAY, and look what happens.  just kidding.  we think it actually happened saturday night.  i gotta tell you, i don’t know one single thing about graffiti. (other than graffito is the plural version) so who knows what it says.  what if it says “this wall is too white!?”


the much missed dog smile
June 30, 2008, 3:02 pm
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ah, at last….

a smile from cody bear.  he actually cheered up for a while last night. i think he is realizing that i still love him and that he is mommy’s favorite little bear!

despite the fact that pickles usurped his chicken!

more of….”the bugs in my life”
June 30, 2008, 1:24 pm
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warning: this post has a bug!

so i go outside last night with my dogs and right as i let them out i see this….

this giant beetle!  last summer my freak out on a scale of 1 to 10 would have been an 8.  this time, since my entomology friends have been  convincing me how cool ground critters are, it was only a 5.

i rush the dogs in and grab the camera.  in retrospect, it is easier to sweep a bug away after you have blinded it with a flash.  had i done that with the giant 5 inch beetle last summer, it wouldn’t have put up such a fight, clinging to the cement and repeatedly walking towards me and all.

anyway, as i said, i grabbed my camera and snapped it. then to show you how huge this thing was, i found a penny and took another picture…

then, uploading the shot, i realized that the beetle i thought was like THREE inches long, was not much bigger than a penny.  s’ok, they could still do a number on me, i’m sure!

the great loofah switcheroo of 2008
June 30, 2008, 4:12 am
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and so the day comes to an end.  the weather is super ratty/dangerous so i can’t walk the dogs.  as you well know, border collies need exercise and so do mandarin collies.  so…cody bear and i played indoor fetch and he ran around the back yard as much as he could.  but pickles….she’s still too scared of cody bear to get any good exercise in the back yard, and when indoors….all she wants to do is chew.

hey that’s cool. she’s right on track for a puppy in the chewing department.

but, here’s the product of the loofah dog shoot:

i think she was still tired from her puppy socialization hour this morning.

note the wagging tail?  you see…he got HER new loofah and somehow she got stuck with his OLD loofah.  big brothers!  always up to something!

back to work tomorrow, but just for half a day.  now i have twoooo dogs to miss while i’m at work instead of just the one. great….

bee in a rug!
June 29, 2008, 11:26 pm
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more specifically, a megachile! i had to call a.h. (entomologist and bee maven!) thursday when i saw a bee with some suspicious behavior outside my back door. i had a pile of old throw rugs that were in limbo. should i wash them, or was the dog hair collection too much to salvage the rugs?

so they had been sitting there on a table for months.

that morning i saw a solitary bee hovering and then diving into the rugs. now i knew they weren’t killer bees. no killer bee worth its pollen would be found dead living a mere 4 feet above ground in an old pink rug.

so, she and r. came over today and look what they found!

a megachile! a solitary bee! do you see her face sticking out of the tube on the right?

she had made these three tubes out of leaves…and…some dog hair was present, as well.

a.h. gently removed the tube so as not to disturb the baby bees inside.

isn’t that amazing? have you ever seen anything like that? that’s why they’re called leafcutter bees.

so, she is safely tucked back into the rug, nestled…if you will. however, she may be seeing spots from the flash of my camera! i hope she’s ok!

i will leave her alone and NOT throw the rugs away or wash them until a.h. gives me the go ahead.

i’m so fortunate to have such cool bees at my house. if you search my blog, you will see pictures and tales of the ground nesting bees i have on the property, as well. oh, and some hot and heavy honey bee action, too!

pupdate, i mean update!
June 29, 2008, 6:57 pm
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this morning, there was purring in our house once again!  pickles was asleep in her crate next to my bed.  around 5ish, my kitty padded in, over cody bear, hopped on the bed, walked over my back and sat watching the puppy sleep.  i watcher her as she looked down into the crate, then she turned to me, head butted my hand and started purring.  she then slept on her side on the bed for 30 minutes or so!

then it was off to pickles’ first puppy socialization class at a local shelter/training center.

she loved it! she ran almost the entire time, but took cool-downs in the pool when needed.  she loved to get out of the pool, then run into the center as fast as she could and then sliiiiide on her belly on the cement floor. everyone was cracking up.

here she is meeting a pure bred smooth coat border collie…

she didn’t steel anyone’s toys or growl when approached if she had one.  she got along with everyone.  even the one pushy dog. she held her own, then just got away.

here she is bounding over to everyone’s friend, a little white dog(i forget his name)….

there were about 7 or 8 dogs in the tiny puppy section where we were, and even more of the older/bigger puppies in the other section

here she is practicing her sheep dog’s “eye” with a chihuahua and a lab…

she chased the chi and when she got there she was like…”hi…I’M PICKLES!” and just turn and ran away.  no take down. it was awesome! greet-run-pool-run-slide-sniff-pool-run-slide-cuddle-chase-chase-pool-run-slide-cuddle-bark-run-car-sleep…

so, we get home and she’s exhausted.  i put her in her crate to sleep and i giver her a bowl of kibble and some peanut butter kong.  i think, she’ll sleep.  i leave to take cody bear to the book store.  she barked the whole time i was gone!  i thought she was over this!

and it is so sad to see her so confident one minute, then terrified of cody bear, my little guy who just wants someone to chase him….

he is starting to get depressed, so a.h. and r. are coming over in an hour.  i love my dogs and i so badly want them to love eachother…

image search meme
June 29, 2008, 2:16 pm
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the proverbial meme gauntlet was tossed out by elizabeth. naturally, i was psyched, anxious and irked to be included. just kidding…i’m totally not irked, as i am up for downloading. so here’s the scoop:

The rules are simple. Answer each question, plug your answer into Google Image Search, and pick a picture from the first page of images from your search results.

1. Your age on your next birthday.

(38…there were some cool soccer shots…but, there was something about this…)

2. A place you’d like to travel.

(scotland…and AGAIN soccer came up!)

3. Your favorite place.

(don’t ask!…well….it’s not soccer…)

4. Your favorite object.

(coca cola. of COURSE i picked this picture)

5. Your favorite food.

6. Your favorite animal.

(i typed dogs. many things popped up, but i chose russian space dogs. you guys, seriously, it’s tragic: here)

7. Your favorite color.


8. The town where you were born.

(i swear i have never seen these people before!)

9. The town where you live.

10. Name of a past pet.

11. Name of a past love.

(ha ha, soccer again!)

12. Best friend’s nickname.

(good stuff!)

13. Your screen name.

14. Your first name.

15. Your middle name.

16. Your last name.

17. Bad habit of yours.

uh oh. copyright violation. had to remove the shot.  it was procrastination!

18. Your first job.

(data entry)

19. Name of grandmother.

(this was the only picture that wasn’t a stripper on the first page)

20. College/grad major(s.)

(english literature)

whoosh, this was a long one! but….the puppy slept through most of it. i don’t think i’ll ask anyone to do it, but i would love to see other people’s results.

puppy steps, puppy steps….

ah, beautiful cody bear.  feelings hurt a little?  trying to make friends with the new pup and she’s too scared?

things were looking up.  pickles was gaining confidence. i took her shopping and she got a new loofah dog and bought the hedge hog for cody bear that he has been wanting for months.

shopping wore her out:

but not sleepy enough that she didn’t try to take the hedge hog he was cherishing…

he growled and snapped menacingly in her direction in a “mine” warning and she went shrieking like a canine banshee and hid behind the heater.  he never even touched her, but….it left her even MORE worn out:

but, i ended up giving the hedge hog back to cody bear because….he was just trying to communicate, “mine”.

it has been about 5 hours and she still is too afraid to come near him.  he’s forgotten it.  in fact,….he has no idea where the hedge hog is.

they’ll work it out.  in the meantime….we’ll start some clicker training:

1. with tiny pickles, to build her confidence

2. with cody bear, to continue his training and give him some one on one time.

fruits of very little labor!
June 29, 2008, 3:11 am
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after i got home from volunteering, i took the pods out back to stretch their paws while i watered my thirsty plants.  i can’t believe it, but there is actually a baby tomato there, deep inside all the dense leaves!

oh…i hope the little thing makes it!

status report – operation pickles
June 28, 2008, 3:18 pm
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introduction to cat: ok so far

cody bear: merely tolerating puppy

pickles: far less terrified of cody bear

potty training: excellent!

chewing: constant watch

play: she loves attacking feet and pant legs, it is the bc in her. but i have this old toy that is about 6 feet long that cody bear never liked. i just remembered it about 30 mins ago. she really digs it!

separation anxiety: off the charts. if i put her in the crate and leave she goes BONKERS. so, with all the dog training experience i know i don’t come back in till she is quiet….cuz i can’t reward her for barking.

SHE’S NEVER QUIET. this morning i waited until she nearly passed out from lack of oxygen, then went back in in that fraction of a second. she’s fine in the crate as long as i’m in the room.

i have to leave now to go volunteer. she’s just gonna have to bark it out. i’ll probably ruin her for life…