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from zero to sixty!
June 2, 2008, 1:24 am
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i went to visit the puppies again.  here is my favorite puppy girl:

and there she goes…

she is by far the dirtiest puppy there!  she sits in piddle puddles, rolls in the dirt, wins every “i’m muddiest” contest i’m sure!

but i’m crushin’ on her!


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I was thinking in picture 1: hmm… is she sitting in piddle? And indeed she was.

Mabel has that same long skinny pink dog. She has NO interest.

Comment by elizabethews

This reminds me of the old Bryan Adams “Run To You” video! 🙂

Comment by jamesviscosi

Wow, she’s growing fast! She’s beautiful all muddied up and all.

Comment by Checkers

In that last picture, she actually looks like Cody Bear running!!!!

Comment by Gina

she looks big in this picture. she is still very tiny. very very tiny.

Comment by goodbear

The puppies are getting so big! I have something for you at my place:

Comment by Mercedes

She would make a fine addition to the Cody Bear family!

Comment by forkboy

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