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things i like about my job:
June 2, 2008, 7:50 pm
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1. i get to wear jeans

2. the hours are great

3. i don’t have to take work home with me

4. my boss is nice

5. other people that rent space here are very cool and fun

6. our office is really nice

7. company vehicle has xm satellite radio

8. we get to leave early alot

9. boss is cool about taking time off for vet appointments and such

10. i learn new things every now and then

11. it doesn’t take long to get to the office

12. we get free beverages

13. no scungy bathrooms or nasty work spaces

14. my blackberry (this should be number 1, actually

15. the officemax credit card

16.  some other stuff, too

all in all, this stuff should outweigh the jerky coworker.  i’m trying hard to get along with him today.


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It sounds like you have it pretty good, like me! I just have to deal with jerk dog owners occasionally. Or should I say my personal assistant does.

Comment by Checkers

That is a lot of good things! Keep focused on them when the jerk shows up.

Comment by Rusty

Sounds like a good gig, except for the coworker. Maybe you should send Cody Bear to have a “chat” with him!

Comment by jamesviscosi

I have such a jerky coworker. She can ruin not only my whole day, but my whole career because she pushes my buttons. Sooo…

I’m going to look for a small stuffed goat to sit on my desk to remind me not to let her get my goat. I’m also going to look for a toy dumptruck to remind me that she’s full of refuse and she’s just driving around all day looking for someone to dump it on, looking for someone to make a mess of so she won’t be the only messed up one.

Sounds stupid but it helps.

Comment by Drunkbunny

Lots of good things. Maybe you can think of the annoying co-worker as:
17. “I am better than my annoying co-worker.”

Comment by elizabethews

thanks for the cheeriness and support all!
elizabeth, that is super good advice!

Comment by goodbear

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