cody bear's friends

night blooming cereus

isn’t it lovely?  the plant apparently blooms once a year, for a week, …one night each blossom.  tonight 4 blossoms opened!  here’s an early shot.  see how the petals are still cupped.

so, here’s how it went down:  about a month ago a volunteer from border collie rescue was doing a site visit at my home…to see if it would be safe for my new rescue puppy.  we were talking and she was glancing around the yard.  from twenty feet away she spotted this scrawny plant growing inside the dense foliage of a tree.

naturally when my ecology friends were discussing going to find some i said…”oh…i have those.”

you guessed it…they showed up with camera, beer, apple cake, a moth net and a bug box.  what a perfect night.

they were trippin’ out about how strong the blossoms smelled. me? well, i couldn’t smell a thing!

neat, huh?  a is pointing my mag light at it!

so, i think these night blooming cereus plants are quite rare.  and….apparently mine is very bit.  the highest part is over 6 feet high.

well, i hope you liked the pictures!  we didn’t get any moth action, but…oh well!

oh, and these shots were snapped with a canon 20d.

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These photos are great. Too bad you can’t have a scratch and sniff feature. What a great surprise to find out you have such a unique plant growing in your back yard.

Comment by Hannah

Great pictures! I especially like the last one 🙂 Twas nice visiting your page 🙂

Comment by makahiya

Very pretty! Looks prickly though?

Comment by jamesviscosi

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Beautiful plant.

Comment by Gina

thanks everyone!
glad you could stop by makahiya!

Comment by goodbear

That last picture reminds me of something I would expect to see on the Discovery Channel. Something in a deep trench in the middle of an ocean. It’s truly awesome!

Comment by forkboy

What a beautiful flower. The last shot, where it looks like it’s glowing, is really neat. It’s apparently also known by the name “Queen-of-the-night”, which seems very appropriate.

Comment by themarvelousinnature

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how beautiful! i’ve never seen one of those.

Comment by lizlangley

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