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home is where the dog is
June 4, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Lately I’ve been re-evaluating my living situation.  My town, my domicile.

after reviewing my list of pros and cons, i’ve decided to stay in my house.  my little house.   my extra tiny, falling apart house with a giant yard.  in my life, home is where the dog is. to me, a house isn’t a home without pets, and my pets like it here.

the dog doesn’t care that the house doesn’t have a closet and that my clothes are all over the place.  he doesn’t care that the ceiling is old and crumbling and there is constantly a layer of dust on everything.  he loves his picture windows and his big yard and the cool floors.  and this makes me happy.

also,….it is time to give up some of my material possessions.  some clothes from my younger days, senseless trinkets, etc.  i try to live a peaceful life, one without materialism. (let’s not get crazy though….i’m not tossing any of my cameras or computer stuff!)

so, this week i am going to throw away/give away/whatever one item per day.  this is going to be very hard.

things that are safe:  pets, electronics, wall art, (who bets this list will be longer tomorrow?)

not safe: clothes, shoes, some books, trinkets, food stuffs, unnecessary kitchenalia, dustbunnies!


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Good on you! I should do that as well. I have loads of stuff to get rid of.

Nice you think of your furry buddy first. Cool floors and big yards are so important to them!

Comment by S. Le

Does Mad Lib words mean anything to any one???

Comment by PennyCat

sorry penny kitty,…but i have a JOB you know!
just kidding. when i get time i will post a request. we’re just busy at work this week…

Comment by goodbear

fine, Im ready your not, I’ve preened and groomed, ate, and dug in my litterbox, so I am sending my words next.

Comment by PennyCat

one of the best things we ever did: rent a dumpster! Oh the joy a big empty trash bin can bring into one’s life.

Comment by elizabethews

Why don’t you post your stuff on Freecycle? Or donate for the tax write off. Miss you lots…

C&L and Kalua

Comment by Con

I’m sort of glad you’re staying there because Cody Bear LOVES his huge backyard and those are hard to come by. I wish I could get rid of a bunch of stuff…maybe then our tiny house would be bigger.

Comment by Gina

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