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doggie favoritism and an attempt to be cheery….
June 6, 2008, 5:57 am
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i’m feeling guilty that i’ve spent so much time blogging about the new puppy.  poor cody bear.

he almost was run over by a drunk driver tonight. (so was i)  i’m feeling slightly misanthropic right now!

so, to counter the negative attitude i have, i shall list 5 positive things:

1. tomorrow is friday!

2. i had a paid photography gig today!

3. we’re going to have a new president soon!

4. i have some wonderful friends!

5. i have a new fence in the back yard!

oh, let us toss another one in:

i’m going to see kung fu panda this weekend.


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He’s a beautiful dog.

Comment by spdd

thanks spdd!

Comment by goodbear

I am so glad you two did not get hurt last night. I must be very hard to calm down from an incident like that.

Congrats on the paid photo gig!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday.

Comment by Checkers

Glad to hear you are both okay. I once saw a SUV run over a dog that ran into the street. Thank God the dog was not killed but hurt. It was so traumatic to see I have not gotten that sight still out of my head. Your dog is adorable. Dont feel guilty writing about them!

Comment by Leaming

thanks leaming. and thanks for stopping by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

i think cody will probably have some jealousy for the little pup but i think they’ll be best friends.

Comment by Erika

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