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9? really??
June 7, 2008, 2:13 am
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here’s a weird post.  usually i blog about my pets and some random animals or flowers, but today, it’s random facts about me.

i made it through a weird week. i am exhausted. a. is on her way over so we can head out for beers and a band.

why the “random facts about me” blog?  because i was just folding my laundry and guess what, i have 10 red t-shirts.  confirmed. and that was just in this week’s laundry. there could be more in the drawers!  10.


i’m running out of things to photograph at work when it is slow.  we had 30 minutes of calm before the storm, so here’s me.

ok, back to random facts.  i hate driving.  i don’t have a closet.   i’m allergic to carrots, oranges, mango and canteloupe. my sister is 11 years older than me.  i don’t have cable television.  i’m killing time before a. gets here to take me to the bar.  i sleep with 3 pillows, one of which is a memory foam.  to this day, my mother INSISTS i’m allergic to cats.  however, i’ve had spree 10 years and she has yet to make me sneeze. i’m officiating my friends’ wedding next month!  i fear there are children in kindergarten that are younger than some of the leftovers in the back of my refrigerator.   only the volume buttons on my tv remote work.  (sad, isn’t it?)

interlude: a picture of cody bear:

moving on, since a. still isn’t here. i can’t make it through one lousy post without mentioning my pets!

my mom made me take baton twirling, tap, and piano as a youngster.  i did not get the “arts and crafts” gene that my mom and sister have.  i’m allergic to soy.  i had to be in traction once, and afterwards, i was almost 2 inches taller!  for reals!

where the hell is a!!????

well, that’s all i got.

night all. and happy weekend


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Hope you have a happy relaxing weekend!

Comment by Rusty

Did A. ever show up???

Comment by jamesviscosi

Enjoyed your random facts!

Comment by Gina

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