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coyote pupster!
June 7, 2008, 11:22 pm
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i thought i would update you (and by “you” i think i mean dennis‘ mom cuz i’m not sure who else is interested) on the status of the coyote pup.

i’m only there on saturdays, so i have to get my details from one of the techs on staff.  at this point it is probably looking like he won’t be releasable. there is something wrong with his coyote noggin.  he is doing MUCH better, apparently.  when he first came in he could only walk in circles, one direction.  and there is a question of how good his vision is, but after being here 3 weeks, he is getting better.  so, the tech said if he isn’t releasable, he may become an education animal and a surrogate.

personally, i don’t think he hears well, if at all.  but according to them, certain sounds really scare him.  but one of the vet students and i could not get him to hear anything, like clapping.  in fact, we would clap and clap and he wouldn’t react unless he saw the clap out of the corner of his eye and he would jerk around.  she said that was possible with hydrocephaly, if that’s what he has.  i wonder if hearing would improve as his condition gets better?  poor guy.

he’s cute as can possibly be. and oh-so-tiny.  some people are totally comfortable with him and will go in and cuddle him.  i’m ….well, i’m just not there.  to me, in his picture, that one eye looks a little “helter skelter” but it could just be because i’m not a mammal gal, i’ve mostly dealt with raptors.

whenever i see him, i go all googly woogly.  let’s face it….CHICKS DIG BABY ANIMALS!


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So cute… I’d like to cuddle with him! Crazy to think he can’t hear well with those big ears!

Comment by michiko280

Love his ears!! Maybe he doesn’t hear but can feel vibrations from certain sounds? Maybe he only hears certain pitches? He is adorable though.

Thanks for the update!
-Dennis’s mom

Comment by dennisthevizsla

He is precious!

Comment by Gina

What a georgeous little guy, can I have him????

Comment by Tony

he is so cute! i hope he continues to get better and they figure out exactly what is wrong!

Comment by lizlangley

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