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June 9, 2008, 12:53 am
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hello all!  weekend is coming to an end.  despite the heat, it turned out to be an ok weekend.  we had a friend visit friday night, another saturday, and one today!  too bad the house was such a mess!  anyway…

i just finished digging around cody bear’s paw with a pair of tweezers.  poor little guy had a very fine pointed needle in his paw.  it took forever to find it!

you can see he has folded his paw over here.  he was licking it.  now, about the bone. as i mentioned in prior gastroparesis posts, cody bear is NOT allowed to eat chews.  gastroparesis is a motility problem, therefore he can’t digest chews.  but, these blue dental bones are allowed because for some reason, he bites the bumps off and doesn’t swallow them.  i have no idea why.  once the bumps are gone, the chew doesn’t have anything that would interest him anymore.

i also brushed his teeth with a new kind of toothpaste today.  i hope this stuff works better.

so, if you’re visiting this blog because you’re searching for information on gastroparesis in dogs, please go to the search bar on the left and type gastroparesis, and all our entries about diet, stress, things to avoid, etc. will pop up.

and please leave a comment.  i have yet to meet someone else who has a dog with this affliction…

hope everyone has a good week!


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Bless Cody Bear’s heart! What a capture of his expression. I hope he is doing better. That could be painful for awhile. Now, that is something, how Cody Bear bites the bumps off the dental bone and doesn’t swallow. He must be aware of his tummy problems.

Our dogs don’t suffer from gastroparesis and chew to their heart’s content. The Cresti Poo, Sassy, loves to chew sticks…hard to get those away from her. She has had poo problems because of that. Giving her pumpkin helps for that.

Time to start a new week! Hugs for your sweet pooch! 🙂

Comment by Anna Surface

Glad you found that needle. Patch had too many chews and he didn’t like those kind of bones-spoiled dog! I just wanna lay with Cody Bear and hug and squeeze him. Will you do that for me? I know you will! 🙂

Comment by Mercedes

mere, he would LOVE that! i wish i could send him right over.

Comment by goodbear

Love the expression on his face. 🙂
This picture really captured his beautiful color too.

Comment by Gina

poor cody bear. you can tell something is not right with him!

Comment by lizlangley

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