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i do quickbooks!
June 10, 2008, 6:15 pm
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hi.  so, i thought i would expand on the office dynamic, continuing on earlier post of the sit-chee-ation.

i believe my coworker lied because….he didn’t know how to test the drive.  so he stuck me with it and left, contrary to what our boss told him to do. but here’s the deal….

I DO QUICKBOOKS!  i’m in charge of ordering things, billing, being cheery to customers, making the boss laugh.  that’s my job.  2 years ago i offered to learn about building the pcs and installing software or testing them to help the guys out when they’re busy.

i’ve learned tons, and with the exception of this guy, things here are grand.  i get many perks from the boss:  mostly gadgets, pc related items, time off. last month i got a 2+1 port firewire card!  woo hoo!  AND a 4 GB compact flash card for my canon! (no you dih’nt…oh yes i did!)  but this guy makes a few grand more than i do a year, so he needs to learn how to do his job.

the boss has already determined his skills aren’t what he said they were in the interview.

so, i’m going to play it cool.  it is hard dealing with the woman-hater glances, the lies and the refusals to do what i tell him, but if he doesn’t start stepping up soon, well….who knows.

as long as i have you guys to vent to, i won’t be the complainer at the office. so thanks people.  thanks from the bottom of my internet connection!


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LOL~thanks from the bottom of my internet connection-LOL! Vent away!

Comment by Mercedes

That’s great you learned all that!!! Job perks. I got to learn Peachtree at my old job and wouldn’t trade that knowledge for anything…although I’ll probably never use it again.

Comment by Gina

Oooh, we do all kinds of QuickBooks integration projects (among other things) at the company where I work. I would say to call us up if you ever need QuickBooks work done, but unfortunately you’re outside of our service area. 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

You vent to us all you want. We are your collective shoulder to cry upon. But beware that such action can lead to short-circuiting the keyboard!

Comment by forkboy

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