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wordless wednesday – fast and furry-ous
June 11, 2008, 2:07 pm
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I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the way!

Comment by keith hillman

Is that a little trench he has “dug” by running there every day? 🙂

Comment by Gina

Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry today is for my daughter who graduates from high school today! See it HERE.


Comment by SjP

no, keith, you have to stay out of the way…and never lock your knees!

Comment by goodbear

yes gina! isn’t it hilarious? he has little trails like that all through the yard.

Comment by goodbear

hahaha! great title! mine’s up too at this link!

Comment by hobbiesa

Fantastic action sequense! Looks like he’s been at it awhile.

Comment by S. Le

Looks like he has his own banked race track goin’ on there. That is funny. What a happy dog you have.

Comment by Kathryn

Run – Cody Bear – Run!

Comment by Mercedes

cute dog. how i wish ive got one here at home

Comment by FRANCINE

Great series, especially the first one: it’s AMAZING!

Comment by lavenderbay

Great photos. In the first one you have captured him suspended in the air as he zooms by which is very cool. Look how deep that track is!!Lol.

Comment by livingisdetail

“The Cody Bear 500” at the Raceway!!

Comment by PennyCat

I don’t think the banking at Daytona is that steep!

Comment by Checkers

Good thing he’s got four-wheel drive!

Comment by jamesviscosi

james…its fur-wheel drive!

Comment by goodbear

Wonderful set of Cody Bear action photos. One gets the impression this is a very common Cody Bear practice.

Comment by forkboy

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