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my puppy tried to mug me….
June 12, 2008, 7:02 am
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i have not officially adopted my puppy yet because she is too young and hasn’t been spayed. (in case you’re interested, she is a 7 weeks, 8.5 pound rescue border collie mix) but…the foster mom…who is great, mind you, ….scheduled a few of the puppies for a puppy socialization class at a local vet (which happens to be my vet) and she invited me to come!

basically, the puppies hangout, sniff new things, learn how to play with other puppies.

seen there! and i must mention, the class is 10 bux per puppy, but the vet tech running the class refused to take money for any of the rescue puppies!

initially, my sweet pickles only wanted love. she wasn’t interested in the other puppies, she just wanted cuddling. i think she remembered me! i finally had to stop snuggling her because i wanted her to socialize. (boy was that hard)

it took her a while. the other puppies were: preston, buttons, madison and kimbal. i LOVE kimbal!

“wait a minute…treats? that will get me goin’!”

pickles learned to sit AND lay down in under 5 minutes!!! she’s so smart!

preston, a sheltie, was the life of the party. he finally enticed her to play.

then SHE enticed HIM to help her mug me by climbing into my bag!

you crazy dogs. put my blackberry back.

to summarize, she did well. no inside peepers, no anger, no grafiti. lots of love and lots of learning.

….i’ll keep you posted


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“Sit” and “Down” in five minutes???? Guess I better hock out the training books. So far, though, I can’t keep either of them from barking like mad.
I think the puppies were digging out your blackberry so they could call Checkers on his juice phone.

Comment by lavenderbay

i think she’s going to be bigger than cody bear!!

Comment by goodbear

She’s a smart baby girl!! And did I say she’s adorable? 😀

Comment by Gina

Those are the cutest pictures. I bet you can’t wait to get that baby home with you. Maybe you should bring Cody Bear to socialize with her…out of his territory.

Comment by Kathryn

I so enjoy these puppy posts! I am getting ideas on what to do in case I do get a puppy in the future! I believe Patch needed socialization classes-lol! Maybe you could just mail me another puppy! 😉

Comment by Mercedes

Oh she is beautiful goodbear. What a lovely puppy smile. I can understand why it was hard to stop cuddling her. What a sweetie.

Comment by livingisdetail

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