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cute and funny sidekick! – a (someday) celebrity crush…
June 12, 2008, 12:39 am
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as we all know…i hate dating. i think it’s stupid stupid stupid.  i also think love sort of sucks and am waiting to find a marriage that makes it.  that being said….i have a (someday) celebrity crush!!!

and it’s a weird one. i’ll give you a clue:

no, not nicholas cage! AS IF!  noooo.


justin bartha, the guy who plays riley poole.  here he is .5 inches tall on the back of the dvd.

i was so bummed when his t.v. show, teachers, was cancelled.  he was just so hilarious, so cute, so nerdy.

there’s my true confession for the day.  he’s starring in a movie with catherine zeta jones soon.  i wonder if she will be tempted to leave michael douglas for justin!  SCANDAL!  that would be very exciting.

time to go visit my soon to be puppy! bye!


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The shrink would probably say you’re projecting your new love onto a human puppy. 🙂

Comment by lavenderbay

We saw part of this at a friend’s house. Mostly I was astonished by the cast. I kept going, “Hey, it’s Ed Harris! Hey, it’s Harvey Keitel! Hey, it’s …”

The sidekick kind of reminded me of the guy from “Match Point” and “August Rush”.

Comment by jamesviscosi

I just watched this movie this weekend and all the way through was thinking, “Man that guy who plays Riley is dead sexy!”

Comment by Drunkbunny

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