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mindy update
June 12, 2008, 4:22 pm
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hi everyone.  i hadn’t even finished typing “update” before i started crying.  i hate so much to inform you that mindy has passed away.  so many of you have kept her in your thoughts and prayers and have offered encouraging words to her family, and for that i know they appreciate it.

she was diagnosed with severe kidney damage due to the chicken strips from costco (which are still on the shelves even though they have harmed many dogs already) over a month ago.  initially she was very sick, but she responded well to her holistic treatments, was eating, playing, instigating doggie trouble.  i was caught off guard yesterday.  i thought she was going to make it.

her family cherished her these past few weeks and her remaining time was actually joyous and full of love and expensive dog treats!  and as r says, every day with her was a blessing.

i took this picture several weeks ago,…the day after the e.r. doctors told r and a that she only had a couple days to live and should be euthanized.  But within days of her holistic treatments she improved.  r and a could just tell she was a fighter and wanted to be here, to stay with her family.

there is nothing like losing a dog.  i hate that two people i love are going through this mess of feelings.  if it weren’t for our mutual love of dogs, i never would have met these two fun, brilliant and loving people.  and i am so honored to be their friend, and honored that they let me participate in their family activities these past few months.

mindy’s pack consisted of r and a, hoju, kodos, barnie and maggie.  oh…and blinky, the family chinchilla.  blinky was mindy’s little buddy. she spent hours each day laying down outside his cage with her face right next to him.  on her last day here, the day she lost her vision, she stared intently into blinky’s cage….even though she couldn’t see him.  she wanted to stay with her chinchilla.

one of her favorite activities was waking up and and instigating a growly, howly, barky alarm clock….really early in the morning.

….and she knew she was loved.


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So sorry to hear this, I was hoping she would make it. Worse than losing a dog is losing a dog because some company wanted to make an extra nickel on a bag of treats by sourcing them from the cheapest suppliers. 😦

Comment by jamesviscosi

Hi goodbear, I had dessert with Ruben and Anna last night, they are holding up okay. It was so nice of you to take all those wonderful photos of them and Mindy. Hopefully I’ll meet you and your dogs soon! Congrats on the new border collie.

Comment by Sonya Steckler

My condolences. I know how devastated I’ve felt when losing a furry family member, but I cannot imagine how it feels under these particular circumstances.

Comment by forkboy

R and A, I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain. Its especially difficult when you know it could have been prevented, and that other pets will come to the same fate as long as the chicken strips remain!

Love to you both, My family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Snuggle those babies!!

Comment by ny hamptonite

Thanks for the update on Mindy, she and her family have and will continue to be in our prayers. You are such a wonderful friend. Peace…
C&L and Kalua

Comment by Con

[…] have written all about her passing and ailment on my other blog.  but i can sum it up by saying…she was loved….still is. […]

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I am so sorry for you and your friends. What sad news.

Comment by Checkers

I agree with hamptonite~much more difficult when things could have been prevented! I most definitely feel your pain r & a! I am right there with you at this time! My condolences to you and your friends and you all are in my thoughts and prayers during these difficult upcoming months!

Comment by Mercedes

I am so sorry for the owners and for this darling dog. It is very sad news. I know how hard it is to lose a dear friend and I am devastated at the circumstances. It is just so very sad.

Comment by livingisdetail

Oh I am so very sorry to hear about Mindy. I thought she was going to make it. 😦

Comment by Gina

I’m so sorry to hear about Mindy’s passing. But I’m glad that her last days were so surrounded by loving care. And the detail about the chinchilla is a precious memory to hang onto.

Comment by lavenderbay

Oh, that’s so sad. The part about Blinky is so touching. R and A, I’m so sorry for your loss.

Comment by Laura

Thank you Good Bear & to everyone who had Mindy in their prayers. R and I really appreciate your warm thoughts. It helps to know there are so many kind hearts out there thinking of us during this difficult time. Good Bear…although I am crying as I write this, I love your tribute to our Min-Min. She loved, we love you, and the rest of the pack (including Blinky) love you to. Not a day goes by without us thinking how lucky we are to know such an amazing person like you. Thank you Good Bear…and to all the other amazing people out there…thank you.

Comment by Anna & the Pack

[…] case you wondered….the bride and groom are mindy’s […]

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