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donut smell and a few beers…
June 13, 2008, 4:56 pm
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last night r and a.h. came over. we had a sampling of beers from around the world and talked about dogs we have loved.  naturally,…the powdered sugar donut story came up.  (the following story isn’t so much about dogs…as it is about me being a complete nutjob.)

okie dokie.  yesterday cody bear had some weird symptoms (we’ll discuss later…he’s fine).    one thing i guessed was a possible tick.  so i went to the vet asap and got some frontline. i don’t like using chemicals, but his fur is so thick that it is hard to be confident they’re not hiding somewhere.  a.h.  reminded me of loki’s donut story.  year’s ago, before loki passed away, i lived in a different town and went to an amazing vet., dr. coffman.  one day i woke up and …. loki smelled funny.  now, my house may be a mess, but my dogs are ALWAYS clean.  i couldn’t, for the life of me figure this out.  she smelled sweet, like a powdered sugar donut.  it was weird.

i called the vets office, and the receptionist was polite, but you could tell she was thinking, “ok, NOW this chick has really  gone off the deep end.”

anyway, it was a weird enough call, and since i was clearly panicked, the actual dr. called back.  i explained that she smelled like a powdered sugar donut.  he was so sweet, but he said “goodbear, i just don’t think that’s possible. did she get into something?”

“no,” i say.  “loki NEVER gets into ANYthing.”

he counters with “everyone says that, but dogs, even well behaved ones, do.”

“but you don’t understand.  there are zero baking supplies here.  i have hardly any food, let alone powdered sugar.”

“you were just in yesterday for her annual.  she was in perfect health.  no smells.”

so either she had to get into something, or rolled in something.  but people…i could smell it…it wasn’t right!

DUH.  after working myself into a complete dither, i remembered that after the vet appointment the previous afternoon i had given her her frontline treatment.  she was exuding this anti-tick smell, which is apparently….donuts….from her fur.  the stuff works, but it is kind of scary knowing there is such a chemical process going on.

so there you have it.  my dog smelled funny.  and i freaked!  poor cody bear.  he truly understands what loki had to go through with such a neurotic mom.

this is a picture of cody bear, being snuggled by ruben.  this was before we discovered that he was acting like he was in pain because….in the dense part of his tail fur was one tiny, hard, very sharp pricker.  a.h. found 3 more in his skin buried in the fur.  he’s much happier today.

in case you’re wondering, the beers we had to choose from were:

abita purple haze, negro modelo, bohemia, franzishaner hefewiezen, fat tire, fuller’s esb, newcastle brown ale, tsing tao, sea dog raspberry wheat.  we didn’t get through all of them…


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It is kind of scary when you think something is wrong with your dog (or cat) but can’t figure it out. You wish they could speak!

Comment by Rusty

I’m going to have to sniff the pups next time I apply Frontline. They’re due…
Negro Modelo – goooood. I also recommend Old Peculiar.

Comment by elizabethews

Wow, interesting donut story. It’s time for my Frontline treatment. If my personal assistant drops by Dunkin Donuts frequently, I’ll know where he is getting the subliminal hints from…

cb is too cuddly cute.

You didn’t happen to try that new microbrew, Cardigan Ham Sandwich, did you? Powerful good stuff!

Comment by Checkers

Are you sure the few beers didn’t contribute to the donut smell? heh heh

Comment by Kathryn

WOW! Interesting beers there! Very interesting donut story…and I am sure I have said this before~but I recommend a tick collar along with the drops…because the drops do not cover all ticks. We used Revolution drops. If only we knew that before.

Comment by Mercedes

Poor Cody Bear! I just picked a foxtail out of deep in Trixie’s fur, then subjected her to a highly intrusive patdown looking for more. It’s hard to keep the prickers out of a long-haired dog’s coat!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Good thing Cody got his prickles extracted. Glad you all had a good wake. Newcastle: pretty good. Negro Modelo: amazing stuff! Cardigan Ham Sandwich: is it a Welsh recipe, or does it have a long, smooth finish, or do a couple of pints make you all warm and fuzzy?

Comment by lavenderbay

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