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not more pickles! yesss, more pickles
June 14, 2008, 2:58 pm
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last night i took my friends r and a.h. to visit the puppies and to meet my baby girl, pickles:

the pupies were exceptionally spunky last night.  some of them are really coming out of their shell.  i have nose prints all over my lens to prove it.

but back to pickles….

at seven weeks she knows how to sit, lay down, and when i go “piiiicklesssss, come to mamam!”  she comes running.  she is so smart and so curious and i just love her love her LOVE HER!

she’s very dainty, as seen above.  all the puppies have grown up so much in the last week.  so far only 3 females have been adopted, leaving 2 females, 5 males and the mom.

here is killer pickle:

“raarrrrr!”  i was taking a picture of another puppy and she just jumps into the frame with her mouth wide open!

next phase:  cody bear meets pickles!  keep your paws crossed, everybody!


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Ooohhhhh~that ought to be interesting: The Meeting!

My Dad was telling me about my aunt and her cat, Pickles. She just had kittens and Dad named them all pickle names-lol.

Comment by Mercedes

I can’t stand the suspense …. when are you bringing that baby home? She’s adorable.

Comment by twobarkingdogs

“No take pictures of other puppies! Only take pictures of Pickles!”

Comment by jamesviscosi

Pickles is an absolute doll!

As I was reading this, Fergus came whirling around the couch with a sandal in his mouth. I think my herder puppy and yours would get along just fi-ine! (And Cai and Cody could play fetch and then relax in the shade to watch their siblings’ shenanigans. )Too bad there’s 14 states and a customs office between them.

Comment by lavenderbay

Those pictures are so cute! Your little Pickles is such a little sweetie. When does she get to come home?

Comment by Rusty

hopefully i can pick her up anytime after the 25th!

Comment by goodbear

she is so adorable! i’m sure cody will love her, no?

Comment by henri hopper

I cannot wait for Cody Bear & Pickles together!!! She is just way too cute for her own good = trouble. 🙂

Comment by elizabethews

There’s never enough Pickles!

Comment by Checkers

Paws crossed and looking very forward to many, many Pickle shots!

Comment by forkboy

Can’t wait until Pickles is home!

Comment by Drunkbunny

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