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fairway hoppers
June 16, 2008, 5:01 am
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what a wreck on the golf course!  i hadn’t played in years….and it was horrrible.  my friend a. has never played before in her entire life and she schooooled me.


there were some golf buns there!

tons of buns!  and baby birds and lizards.

hardly any other golfers though, since no one else is dumb enough to go out in the heat!

so, we get up to the first tee. its me, a, her new bf and his bro.  she goes to tee off and i say, “don’t hit the bunny.”  she swings and the ball goes….right at the bunny.  he hopped to safety.

no wildlife was harmed in the making of your miserable scores…


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Jedd is dumb enough to go out! A few weeks ago he saw a family of skunks-lol.

Comment by Mercedes

LIZARDS! Right on! If I ever move to the southwestern States, I’ll take up golfing for sure.

Comment by lavenderbay

rodent spies!!!!! — dennis the vizsla dog

Comment by jamesviscosi

Awww…the bunnies are adorable. I LOVE bunnies.

Comment by Gina

Remember, golf was invented as a way to laugh at oneself! My p.a. made triple bogey once-he was so excited!

Comment by Checkers

I think I’d rather have hung out and photographed the bunnies all day……then again I don’t golf so what do I know?

Comment by forkboy

Wabbit Season
Maybe the wabbits scared the gophers away from playing goph

Comment by Tony

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