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not really a morning dog
June 16, 2008, 2:23 pm
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when cody bear is awake,…he’s reallllly awake.  but when the alarm goes off, he doesn’t move.  he waits to see if we’re applying the snooze button!

good morning cody bear!

but once his paws hit the floor, he’s ready for the day!

this morning his mission was barking at the weird neighbor who was standing on his roof looking into the yard.  good job cody bear!


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Oh~that first picture is priceless! Get ’em Cody Bear!

Comment by Mercedes

He looks so “sweepy” in the first picture. Awww 🙂
The weird neighbor standing on the roof to look in the yard…..very WEIRD and SCARY. Yikes! 😦

Comment by Gina

hey mere and gina. thanks for stopping by to check on cody bear. and to wake him up!

Comment by goodbear

What a sleepy happy boy. You keep that neighbor at bay, cb!

Comment by Checkers

Cody is one up on me….I still don’t look that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed once my paws hit the floor.

Comment by forkboy

Is that the same creepy neighbor with the wire cutters from a while back?

Comment by jamesviscosi

that’s the same guy. in all his creepiness…

Comment by goodbear

Awww, cody bear looks so beautiful. It seems to me, one of the fundamental differences between animals and humans is animals always seem to wake up looking as perfectly groomed and gorgeous as they were when they went to bed. Humans, well, not so much. He is a good boy looking after his mum.

Comment by livingisdetail

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