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me stupid main geeza
June 17, 2008, 11:08 pm
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today’s blog is translated into cockney at the dialectizer at

well, right, it ‘ave a looks like me boss is considerin’ firin’ me coworker. ‘e mentioned it today, right, as ‘e were so frustrated at ‘ow wee the chuffin’ new lad can do. it were right ‘ard for me not ter shout, “yes! Blimey! do it. do it now! Right!”

and from the ali g translater on

well, hit looks dig me main geeza iz finally considerin firin me fresh main geeza. e just aint gettin’ anythin done.

it wuz all I could do to stop meself from bangin, “yes! do hit! do hit now!”

and in “posh” from

well, it loohks fancy one’s boss is finally considering firing one’s new coworkah. he fie isn’t getting anything done.

it was all one could doh to stopp one’s self mwah mwah sweetie shouting, “yes! doh it! doh it noh!”

ok, seriously now, the new guy is sooo slow. an my boss is learning that he doesn’t know nearly as much about server maintenance and networks as the guy said he did at his interview…

poor jim. he needs to get workin’!

i’ll keep you posted.


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Huh? What? What do I need to get working on??? 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

Uh-oh, are the alien antennae starting to poke through New Co-worker’s rubber mask?

Comment by lavenderbay

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