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regulate my cholesterol…with love
June 17, 2008, 7:04 am
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we had a free night. i was supposed to do house work…but it turned into a free night. i did sommmme laundry, but …mostly i sat and mourned the following:

dear you:

thank you for choosing golden rule for your health insurance. we are working hard to provide our policy holders with quality insurance at an affordable cost. in spite of our efforts, medical costs continue to go up due to increased use and higher yadda yadda.

that’s right…i’ve been paying for insurance for over 2 years…haven’t used it ONCE and guess what: my premium just went up 70 bux per month!

so naturally i grab the dog and the camera:

oh, well, that will cheer you a tiny bit… a cute dog who cuddles you to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol low…

he keeps me safe from cardiovascular disease and i provide him with kibble and air conditioning.

but still….

he wants more…

he probably wants rib eye or chicken kabobs…


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I think Cody Bear is imagining he has an insurance executive right there next to him …

Comment by jamesviscosi

WOW! Thank goodness the one good perk about being a single teacher is that I don’t have to pay a premium for my insurance and I have dental/vision too! I need to hug on Cody Bear too for my high cholesterol-lol!

Comment by Mercedes

Love your site! and I’ll be adding you to my blogroll. Thank you for your hilarious contribution at my place today. Loved it.

Cody Bear looks extremely huggable.

Be blessed.

Comment by Shirley

That’s some expression on cb. How’d he do that?

Comment by Checkers

You should “can” your insurance company and give Dr. Cody Bear the extra $70.00.

Comment by Kathryn

thanks for visiting shirley!

Comment by goodbear

CB, that is what I look like whenever I have to read anything my med insurance sends me

Comment by Anna & the pack

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