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June 18, 2008, 6:16 pm
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i’ve been memewhacked by livingisdetail!

so here goes:

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

well, let’s see. i was a p.a. for a wealthy doctor couple.  i really liked them alot.  i was living in a different city with my dog loki and my, at that time, kitten, spree.  i had a roommate that i still keep in touch with.  volunteering with raptor rehab.

i was gettin’ by…

2. What are five things on your to-do list today?

walk cody bear. go visit my new puppy, pickles. update 2 clients’ websites. eat some of these veggies from my friend’s garden before they expire.  drink lots of water. (sip)

3. What snacks do you enjoy?

paws down, my favorite snack/guilty pleasure is coca cola.  i know it’s not a food, but…i don’t care.  i treat it like a snack.  i LOVE raspberries and blackberries for a snack, as well as chips and salsa or pita bread with hummus.

4. Things you would do if you were a billionaire.

pay off my debt.  give 1 million to the place i did raptor rehab 10 years ago. 1 million to the place i volunteer now. buy a house.  give cash to my sister and mom.  travel to: scotland, japan, egypt, austria, australia.  (more places, too) buy photography equipment. go back to school to learn arabic or chinese.

5. Three of your bad habits.

drink too much soda.  horrible housekeeper.  over-committing to projects.

6. Five places you have lived.

my mom’s house. my sister’s house. college dorm.  a cookie cutter home in a big city.  and now, a 1 bedroom falling down quirky house from the 40s with a huge yard.

7. Five jobs you’ve had.

event manager for a non-profit.  client services manager for cancer patients at a non-profit.  advertising sales loser. (hated that) personal assistant.  botony and chemistry lab assistant.

8. How did you name your blog?

having moved from a city where the light pollution and air pollution was so bad, i craved seeing the stars.  i grew up in a tiny town in the country where, when you looked up, you felt like you could touch the stars.  so, i moved to a town full of star craving lunatics….instead of stark raving lunatics.

thanks for including me livingisdetails!


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Enjoyed learning more about you.

Comment by Gina

That’s a great meme. I love your blog.

Comment by Kathryn

thanks gina and kathryn!

Comment by goodbear

Thanks goodbear,

That is a wonderful response. I forgot to include raspberries and blackberries in my favourite snacks. Yum.

Comment by livingisdetail

Raspberry is my favourite flavour for sweets. Chem lab assistant sounds interesting; was it like Livingisdetail’s sushi sous-chef job, where she mainly washed the rice? Or was more involved than filling test tube trays and rinsing out pipettes?

Comment by lavenderbay

in college i had a job at the lab and i would have to set up the lab for the upcoming class and actually do the experiment the students were going to do…to make sure it worked. it was also a way to know that the chemicals in the experiment were still working.
it was weird. then i would finish and go up to the roof and water the plants.

Comment by goodbear

That is curious that you’d have to perform the experiment, too. If I did that I’d leave the lab scratching my head and murmuring, “Blue liquid and yellow powder make purple liquid. Who knew?”

Comment by lavenderbay

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