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rub a dub dub, a mutt in the tub
June 18, 2008, 2:12 pm
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’twas bath time for cody bear. he had gotten his paws into something stinky. because, other than his feet, he wasn’t that dirty, i spared wetting his face since he hates that part so much.

notice how skinny he looks when his fluffiness has been watered down:

as you can see, he isn’t fond of having a bath, but he always feels very energized afterwards!

once he gets out of the tub, he runs full speed around the shop like a loony! sometimes he slips on the floor and i yell, “don’t tear your acl!” but he ignores me…he darts around, running between my legs getting my jeans wet, huuuuge smile on his face.

but, during the bath he’s miserable. relax cody bear, your baths aren’t just scary to you: look at this spooky face!

crazy lovable dog!


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Happy boy in the last two pictures.
Our chihuahuas hate getting baths but love it when they’re clean. They also run through the house like HOP. 🙂

Comment by Gina

mindy and toughy HOP! cody bear says, “YESSSSS! run!”

Comment by goodbear

He definitely looks happier once out of the tub!!!

Comment by Tony

His body does look much smaller~he sure does have a lot of hair.

Comment by Mercedes

I am Sharing the Love at my place:

Comment by Mercedes

Cody almost always seems to be smiling – what a wonderful dog and even better that you share him with us.

Comment by forkboy

Long-haired dogs do look pathetic when they’re wet, don’t they? Trixie sure does …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Sweet doggie, putting up with baths and then making the most of it! He looks good in yellow.

Comment by lavenderbay

he does look happy much of the time, but his eyebrows make him look like he’s scowling when he is sleeping. he really knows how to guilt trip me, too.

Comment by goodbear

Happiest post-bath dog ever!

Comment by Checkers

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