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can’t spell “education” without the word “cat”
June 19, 2008, 6:30 am
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tonight was puppy socialization class. notice something missing:

right! pickles! i was supposed to meet the foster mom with my new puppy, but they didn’t show up. so it was two shelties, preston and m.j. so cute! i love all types of sheep dogs. when i was in grade school i LOVED LOVED LOVED shelties. it was my dream to have one. and these two little boys are so sweet!

too bad pickles couldn’t come because tonight the pupsters met…a cat!

the cat was much more cool than i expect my kitty, spree, to be.

as you can see, it went well!

i’m sort of sad. i drove all the way over there. i haven’t seen her since last friday. i even brought her new collar to see if she fits in it yet.

i can’t wait to introduce her to cody bear!


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hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog eeeyaaagh jiant kitty!!!!! oh wait its just reely small dogs never mind ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

I especially like the photo where the pup is whispering in kitty’s ear.
Lemme know how it goes with Spree. I’ve found that, having gone through the puppy thing once, Cuca is much more relaxed and confident when it comes to baby Fergus. I hope it’s the same thing for Spree with Pickles.

Comment by lavenderbay

Where do you go for the class? Are you at a Vet’s office? I need to find one here for when I decide on a new addition at my house.

Comment by Mercedes

Why didn’t they show up?? Poor Pickles didn’t meet the kitty!

How did you get so lucky to be surrounded by all those cute pooches?? I’m not complaining about my to pups – they are cute, too!!

Comment by elizabethews

Hello goodbear! thanks for visiting my site.. you like animals, don’t you? I love ’em to death and treat them like my own babies. I have four of them but the one in the picture is my favorite. Alex is my “first born”. Cody is sooooo cute! What an adorable little bear!

Comment by jeffreyandgracey

Care to xlinks, goodbear? I’ll add u up in a minute. 🙂

Comment by jeffreyandgracey

they didn’t show up because the woman fostering them was sick. i don’t know why she didn’t call me. maybe she couldn’t find my number or something.

Comment by goodbear

Awww I hate you missed seeing Pickles. They are so cute being curious about the cat.

Comment by Gina

How did that one sheltie turn into a cat! I am glad he/she turned back into a sheltie by the end of the pics. Phew!

Comment by Checkers

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