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scran and bevvy!
June 19, 2008, 6:50 am
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uh go…goodbear was hitting the scottie translator again!:

Awrite. welcome tae mah blog. if yoo’re new haur, lit me summarize: mah blog includes, but isnae limited tae, dogs, random activities, silly things, scran, bevvy, volunteerin’, photography, wildlife an’ irritatin’ coworkers.




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Comment by jamesviscosi

just random scottish slang, but it does read like an ogre this morning, doesn’t it?

Comment by goodbear

These translators are really funny (forgot to mention that in your cockney blog). Still playing catch up around here, but sometime I’d like to go play on one too.
I guessed bevvy (beverage), but “scran” ? Is it short for “scrumptious” ?

Comment by lavenderbay

yes, its a at a vet. our local animal shelter has a training center where the have a socialization hour for puppies, too.

Comment by goodbear

Aaaahhh~now I know where the socialization center is at.

Comment by Mercedes

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