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what evil lurks in the stomach of my mandarin collie????
June 19, 2008, 8:53 pm
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nothing good lasts forever, especially when it comes to cody bear’s delicate stomach.  he has gone months without throwing up, but this morning at 5:34 his gastroparesis decided it was time to remind us it was still there.  i know i’m making his stomach condition sound like a living, thinking being, but i can’t help it….cody bear was doing so well for so long, and to flair up like this is just…..evil.

so today he is rumbly in his tumbly and looking for comfort.

he likes to snuggle in the mama’s legs for brushing or gentle pats and head rubs.  poor queazy guy.

you may think that he was like “whyyyy mom?  why you gotta snap pictures at a time like this? can’t you see i’m barfy today?” but actually, …

the click of the shutter and the flash got him wagging and he bounced up and stretched and gave me a look as if to say, “oh?  is it show time?”

he shook his fluff out and started prancing around and smiling for the camera.  could the flash of the strobe be a temporary cure for gastroparesis or a achy stomach?  does his desire to have a radiant public image outweigh his gastrointestinal misery?

fortunately the flair ups have been rare, and they are SO treatable with meds.  he’ll be right as rain, soon, folks.  no worries!

for more info on cody’s gastroparesis condition, type gastroparesis into the search bar on the left.  we have many, many entries!  and if your dog has this condition….please please PLEASE leave a comment!



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Poor baby. I hope he feels better by now. It must be a Pavlov thing…when he sees the camera, he thinks it’s play time. Cute.

Comment by Gina

Aw, poor CB. I hope he feels lots better soon. At least he’s got a nice mom to take good care of him. That always helps when you’re sick.

Comment by Laura

Bless his belly! It is so hard to watch an animal that is sick~so hard for them to tell us what they need. Of course tons of loving always helps! 🙂

Comment by Mercedes

You are such a ham, cody bear. And we all love you for it. Hope you are feeling ok!

Comment by Checkers

Cody Bear is a real trooper. The camera comes out and he knows the show must go on!

Comment by jamesviscosi

See! I thought your blog title had to do with Cody’s aspirations to stardom. I like the real explanation you gave in your meme better.
Feel better soon, Codybear!

Comment by lavenderbay

Poor Cody Bear and his tummy. I hope he is feeling better now.

Comment by Rusty

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