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finally! a reeaalll reason to grow my finger nails
June 20, 2008, 2:19 pm
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just when i thought there was nothing to blog about….

on september 13 i will have had cody bear for 4 years! i gave up searching for his tickle spot, the spot that you scratch and it makes the back paw go bonkers, a great while ago.

loki’s was on her shoulders and neck.

as you can see he takes himself seriously, and he needs to relax….get a tickle on!

so this morning….after his daily chicken run…he hopped up on the bed for some cuddling. he kicked the leg back to expose the belly. that’s when i found it! the elusive, before now undiscovered, cody bear tickle spot. it is one (just one) of his lower right ribs.

the back paw flopped a few times, ….then i lost it again.

but it’s there!


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Oooooohhhhh~Patch had two different spots.

Comment by Mercedes

Always the handsome Cody Bear!

Comment by forkboy

cb’s tongue makes a great nose shield.

Comment by Checkers

Hehe Tuffy’s legs kicking spot is in the center of his back and Mandy’s is at the top of the base of her tail.

Comment by Gina

We found Dennis’s tickle spot the other day. Nothing’s more fun than making a dog’s foot thump uncontrollably! Tucker’s tickle spot also controls his tongue, so it makes him lick his nose as well as thump hs foot. So undignified …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Have you tried tickling Cody with Henrietta? She’s got some pretty good claws on her.

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] buzz lavenderbay on finally! a reeaalll reason to …jamesviscosi on finally! a reeaalll reason to …Gina on finally! a reeaalll reason to […]

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