cody bear's friends

“lady,…you’ve got some hairy kids!”
June 20, 2008, 3:31 am
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so, here’s our first family portrait.  me, cody bear and spree…

of COURSE cody is the center!  anyone looking at this picture knows that spree CHOSE to be in this picture.  she is a cat, so you know there is no way i sat her there and told her to stay while i played around with the camera.  she makes it a family portrait!

i think she looks so cute back there…next to the scotch glass of water she demands on the bed side table every night!

i love my babies, for reals!


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hello cody bear its dennis the vizsla dog hey psst i think spree the kitty mite be plotting sum mischif dont luk but she is rite behind yoo ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

I like how your eyes — green, brown, and blue — all line up.

Comment by lavenderbay

Cats are demanding-water glass-lol! Come on over and check this short clip out:

Comment by Mercedes

Beautiful family portrait. That is amazing how the cat got in there!!!

Comment by Gina

i know gina! i was so wrapped up on camera/tripod bidness…i didn’t even know she was back there!

Comment by goodbear

The only problem is that there isn’t enough of you in the pic!

Comment by forkboy

forks, i did that on purpose. the pets aren’t shy….but i am!

Comment by goodbear

cody bear looks like he was controlling the camera with his mind! Lovely family you got there.

Comment by Checkers

That big ol tongue sticking out looks like there must be fiood on offer…

Comment by Tony

P.S. I love the way the cat gate crashed the photo

Comment by Tony

That is such a great portrait! Is it handheld? And the cat placing herself just so and looking at the camera is brilliant.

Comment by livingisdetail

i’m so glad you guys recognize that cody bear and i were truly blessed to have the cat “opt in” on this one!

Comment by goodbear

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