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is she or isn’t she…..?
June 22, 2008, 3:11 pm
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here at cody bear’s friends, we ask the hard hitting questions.

today, we want to get to the bottom of things by asking…..


she reminds me alot of my chiweenie friend, but she seems bigger.  she has his same brindle coat and “one up one down” ears.  but….she’s awfully friendly.  i have never heard her bark and she wants to give kisses through the fence.  all the chiweenies i have known or heard of are….snippy.

so,….tell me folks: is this a chiweenie?

she is outdoors all day at a house near my office at work.  i park by her fence and notice she sleeps in the shade all day. i feel so badly for her because it is so hot….


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Oooohhhh~I have a dog down the road that I feel so sorry for-but he doesn’t have even a fence…just chained up. I am not much help when it comes to defining types of dogs…is there part jack russell there? I dunno

Comment by Mercedes

I was going to ask what a chiweenie was, but then I decided that would just be lazy. So I Googled it. Anyway, this doesn’t look like one to me, but I’ve never seen one in the flesh, just the pictures I found online …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Maybe this one is a chi-bratwurst?! Those ears…cool.

Comment by Checkers

I will google too just like James cos I don’t know what they are

Comment by Tony

I’m back from Googling & that’s definitely not a Chiweenie 🙂

Comment by Tony

Nope not a chiweenie. Looks like it may have some hairless in it???? Poor puppy.


Comment by Debora

I thought it was your friend’s chiweenie before I saw your question, so there is obviously something about her — the brindle and the deep chest for starters. And I’m not going to google it, so I’ll agree with you until further notice.

Comment by lavenderbay

The ears look chihuahua and that’s all. I cannot stand to see dogs neglected and uncomfortable like that. 😦

Comment by Gina

I am of the persuasion that it is very likly a chiweeine. I have a chiweeine that is built very sinalarly to this, but what is important to remember is that chiweenies are not a breed but a cross. Meaning that they have a vereity of traits that can come up all mismatched of the two breeds. These days both breeds are being crossed by breeded and hobbiest for more color and coat type and size vereities.

Comment by Twitch

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