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pointy beaks and hungry bellies…wild animals gettin’ by

ah, babies.  baby animals, that is…

saturdays i have an animal care shift at a local wildlife rehab center from 9am to 1pm.  we never get out right at 1, now that the babies are here!  that baby dinosaur above is a cooper’s hawk.  we have tons of baby cooper’s and a couple of them are hungry as hell.  whenever i see an animal in rehab with a healthy appetite, i get pretty psyched.  “you’re gonna make it, little dude!”

currently, the babies on site include, but are not limited to (because i was delirious from the heat and may have forgotten some critters):  baby cooper’s hawks, baby screech owls, baby great horned owls, baby coyotes, baby bobcats, baby raccoons and baby red-tail hawks.

that’s the baby red-tail!  and i mean a way baby- baby.  he needs help eating.

by the time we were supposed to go feed the baby bobcats, the sun had already fried most of my already misfiring brain and i forgot to grab my camera.  the kittens….they were insanely cute.  in fact, they should be fined for surpassing the official “limit of adorableness.”  the kittens are there with a mom and they were sooo freaked out by the hose when we had to refill the water bowl.   but they are ….kittens.    their mom was much smaller than our resident bobcats.

after the cute babies were fed, medicated if needed, put in clean cages…it was time for crappy labor.  so here’s where i apologize to my co-volunteer, L, for having a temper tantrum when i got the wagon stuck in between an enclosure and an obnoxious and STILL INFURIATING bale of hay!  sorry girl!

regarding woody, the coyote i have posted about.  he is still holding steady, but i don’t think he hears very well. he LOVES getting in his crate, which makes it easy to take him to his outdoor enclosure while we clean up his messy mess.


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“South-Western News exclusive: Hay bale attacked and strewn by wild horses during the night.”
What a little fluffball that Red-tail is! He must be young, since the Cooper’s kid is bigger, which won’t be the case when they’re grown up.
Thanks for another peek behind the scenes at a wildlife rehab centre.

Comment by lavenderbay

This is so interesting! You are such a caring person! Is this all volunteer work?

Comment by Mercedes

Oh, I am sure L understands your rage. Your temper tantrum was a result of a cooked head. It happens to the best of us.

Comment by Erika

Your wildlife rehab center seems like an incredibly busy place!

Comment by jamesviscosi

it is VERY busy. i was zonked afterwards. we didn’t have a minute to take a break and it was SOOOO hot!

Comment by goodbear

Such good work you do….kudos to you and the others!

Comment by forkboy

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