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poetry alliance’s first endeavor!
June 25, 2008, 5:01 am
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thanks to everyone for joining in with the first joint poetry effort. here’s what we got:

(i’m calling it “a day in the comfortable life”

expectations high, i profer a line

stretching strong in the sun, restday overalls dripping

water, ocean, sea, and the gray sky

over dog toys i couldn’t help tripping

With a basket of laundry tucked under one arm

the strong smell of fresh tuna in the breeze

I gathered my thoughts and stumbled toward the clothesline

I figure it couldn’t do any harm

to hang the well worn quilt in the bright sunshine

to enjoy a nice, thundering sneeze.

japanese beetles, shining teal and blue

gypsy moth catapillars and their fuzzy white hue

a blue butterfly flitted gently by my face

In the distance the faint sound of a can opener

some days life is gentle, some days it’s a race

as the lid slides softly from the tin of Miss Mew

I wash my fur with paws of grace

And quickly giggle and skitter for my stew

content with my feast, I find my patch of sun

the quilt dry and warm, lays folded in the chair


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That is pretty darn impressive if we do say so ourselves.

Comment by Patrick and Jackson

thanks patrick and jackson! i’m really glad you stopped by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

You guys are awesome!

Comment by Mercedes

That is FAB, absolutely FAB! Thanks for hosting the party!

Comment by lavenderbay

That was fun and a cute poem too!

Comment by Gina

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