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state we’re in? warm…somewhere between irritable and content
June 25, 2008, 6:03 am
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before i recap today’s events, i would like to show you the fuzzy end of my dog and his friend hazel:

cute, huh?

moving on…

work?  my snobby, chauvinist, stupid coworker hasn’t been documenting ANY of the jobs he has done on site! so, if, in the last few months, you were fortunate enough to have your pc die during his “learning curve” you got free computer work!  lucky you!

pickles update?  tomorrow a.m. is her spay, so i went to give her a bath tonight.  ok…she HATES baths.  only infrequent spa days for her apparently!

poetry?  i posted our first blog joint effort poem tonight.  Thanks, blog friends, for participating.  i think the poem was very sweet and comforting!

as for cody bear? well….he’s hot.  literally:

he’s longing for cooler temps!  anyone else fed up with the heat?

let us know what cools you down.  cody bear likes to lay down in front of the fan, i like lemonade with wayyy too many ice cubes, and the cat…she wants more heat!


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If I get too hot-I put my wrists under cold water-great body cool down. I have my students do this too-if they are panicky hot.

Comment by Mercedes

How does that coworker of yours keep his job? Grrr! I couldn’t live this summer without Crystal Light lemonade.

Comment by Drunkbunny

Lying on the bathroom tiles usually does the job. For the dogs, I mean! I try to keep a quart-sized water bottle with me — it’s very useful against hot flashes, too.

Comment by lavenderbay

Trixie lies on the tiles in the coolest spot she can find. Fortunately the heat wave here finally broke!

Comment by jamesviscosi

I’m sick of the heat already. High today 93. My chihuahuas rarely get cold but Mandy lies on the floor to cool off. My brother’s Rott/Lab mix, Bear, lies in front of the fan with the AC on. He stays hot. 🙂
When is that coworker getting fired?

Comment by Gina

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