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ww – why i’m wordless…
June 25, 2008, 1:18 pm
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cody bear: “mom….why the uneasy look?”

me: wordless

cb: “i would do the same thing for you if i could.”

me: wordless


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There’s some good times right there.

I once had to collect a urine sample from my sister’s dog (I was dog-sitting). That would something fun to videotape and the watch again. Chasing a dog around with tupperware…

Comment by elizabethews

Wow… a stool sample.. I’ll pass on collecting that for ya 😉
Mine is up too!!
Happy WW


Comment by Keri

Ooo hehe ah the fun things we gotta do. 🙂

Comment by Cynthia Blue

WOW~you get your own bottle to put it in. Interesting!

Comment by Mercedes

The lab where I used to work would do 24-hour stool samples. Patients had to collect them in containers that looked like paint cans. Sometimes people would leave them in their cars and they would heat up and explode. Try explaining that to the detailer …

Comment by jamesviscosi

And he would.

Comment by Gina

Oh… been there, done that. Fun for you!!

I hope s/he’s well!

Comment by Grey Street

gross! No ones taken my poop.

Comment by PennyCat

so glad you all can sympathize!
no worries: it’s just an annual check up type thing.

Comment by goodbear

happy ww!

Comment by FRANCINE

I think one of the benefits of having small dogs is small poops 😛 Have fun stick that in the fridge! PS we have the same long toy featured in the background.

Comment by Sarah

well well well! Warm eyes, warm heart.

Comment by Sizzyphus

Like Mercedes, I’m intrigued by the bottle. When we first brought Fergus home, not knowing if he would oblige me the next morning, I collected a stool sample with a ziptop sandwich bag the nignt before. The next morning, the sample nearly went into Jack’s lunchbox with all the other baggied items!

Comment by lavenderbay

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