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countdown 4 hours and 19 minutes!!!
June 26, 2008, 8:12 pm
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oh wow, i’m so excited.  i’m picking pickles up soon!  i wish i could leave work early!

hide your footwear everybody, there’s a puppy on the way!

hey, i know those slippers aren’t sexy, but give me a break….they were only 4.50 and they’re going to be dog toys soon anyway!

“why does she keep kissing me on the head and telling me i’m going to be a good big brother.  what the HELL Is that about???”


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I can’t wait!!

Comment by Gina

That’s funny…and you are correct…slippers are made to be chew toys for dogs.

Comment by Kathryn

Oooh… new puppy! You will have to show him the ropes and teach him to pose nicely for photos just like you!

Comment by Patrick and Jackson

Don’t worry, cody bear. It’s all good. Somehow your expression says you’re not buying it, but it will be ok.

Comment by Checkers

Good call on the $4.50 slippers. Since we got Dennis I don’t think my wife has any shoes left!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Codybear will make a great big brother, welcome home Pickles!!!!

Comment by Con

I wonder how long it’ll be before Pickles notices the cat ball in the bicycle spokes?

Comment by lavenderbay

I’m so excited for you!

Comment by Mercedes

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