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my tree of life has a birdfeeder, a bee nest…and smells like dog marking
June 26, 2008, 7:13 am
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one of my blog pals, lavenderbay, gave me an tree of happiness award….which scared me at first. happiness!? eeeeek! just kidding…i’m all for good cheer!

here’s the scoop:

list six things that make me happy; second, to name six blogrollers as recipients of this award; and third, link to the giver and the givees.

the six things that make me happy:

1. everything about my dog

2. waking up every morning to my purring cat at my feet

3. chatting with my sister on our mobile phones

4. bloggity blog blog. reading my favorite blogs and blogging about what not.

5. going for walks around trees and grass

6. seeing weird or rare or extra cute wildlife, especially bees!

now…the victims of my tree of happiness (or whatever) arrre…dun dun dunnnnnnn

1. jon!

2. the most drunkinest bunny!

3. tony at tazblog!

4. fluffy puppies at wooftails! especially since i need to see new eddie pics!

5. gracey!

6. and gillian, who somehow lucked out with lavender, but didn’t dodge my list bullet!

oh, and here’s the graphic:

i…i have no idea what it says, but i’m sure it’s a curse from my evil coworker. and instead of wishing me well….it is casting a spell that i will choke on a bonzai tree. that’s how we roll in our techy-hood.

honorable mention for things that make me happy:

the power shot commercial with dolce and maria sharapova

coca cola


going many blocks without one red light

sleeping late


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Have no fear, Goodbear. The award says something about planting the tree in your heart (and no, it’s not a hawthorn! ) , watering it with smiles, and sharing its shade with good friends.
Mmmmmm, raspberries!

Comment by lavenderbay

Well, I’ve been on a non-roll lately, not having posted for more than a month, so maybe this is the kick… er, inspiration… I need to get back into my blogging. Thanks for this — I think!

Comment by eyegillian

[…] occasion for writing is a prod from a friend, Goodbear, who awarded me with a “Tree of Happiness” and tapped me for a meme. It’s a […]

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Congratulations to you!

Comment by Mercedes

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