cody bear's friends

and so it begins…the puppy moves in

day one.  pickles meets cody bear.  at first things were ok.  she was really scared of cody bear, clung to my feet.  she finally got some space from me and just watched him run around.

at first cb was excited to see her and would pounce in front of her, trying to entice her to chase him.  but she got scared and went bananas….all crying.

finally he was like…

“who the hell is this crazy puppy?”  see his ears back and the confused look in his eyes?

oh well….

i’m already in love with her, but we have two problems SO FAR that need to be over come: her and cody bear becoming friends, and her not barking like  she’s bonkers whenever i leave the room.

alot of work ahead…


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It took Cai four or five days to get used to Fergus. He still acts jealous over toys, and the two of them together outside will bark ‘way more than either of them alone. But when no one’s looking, Cai and Fergus have a great time together. I hope things will be similarly fine within the week for all of you!

Comment by lavenderbay

It will probably just take a few days for Pickles to realize that Cody Bear doesn’t want to kill her and to get over her separation anxiety, and then they’ll be fine. She’ll learn by watching CB that even though you leave, you’ll come back. 🙂

Comment by jamesviscosi

AAwww She’s attached to mom already. Like Jim said…she’ll learn eventually that things will be okay. She is adorable in that last picture! 🙂

Comment by Gina

Welcome, Pickles! She looks like such a darling pup — I’ll bet she has lots of energy, too. Once Cody Bear discovers she can play, he’ll be all over her (in a good way, that is).

Comment by eyegillian

What wonderful pictures! I remember when I first arrived-Nash was like, “Who are you, and what are you doing, moving in!!?” He showed me he was boss, I was cool with that, and after a few days we were playing and having a great time! Pickles looks fabulous. So does cb, as always.

Comment by Checkers


Give poor Pickles a little time .. she’ll come around. She is probably traumatized being removed from her previous situation.

She’s a real beauty.

Comment by twobarkingdogs

I just love your doggy pics! When Patch was 4-ex and I got a lab at 5 weeks old. It took Patch forever to even look at her and accept her-lol!

Comment by Mercedes

welcome sweet pickles!!!

Comment by hamptonite

Welcome to the family cousin Pickles, you will be blessed!

Comment by PennyCat

when my dog was a puppy, my mom made him sleep in my room, but when the door was closed he would howl and howl and howl and it would drive me nuts. its kind of the opposite of what pickles does but oh well.

Comment by Erika

regarding Pickles barking…at least you know you’re loved!

Comment by forkboy

[…] Bear now has a new rescued puppy friend – a Border Collie named Pickles. He arrived last Friday. Cody Bear’s personal assistant “Goodbear” is posting plenty of pictures, so stop […]

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