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taking the day off.
June 27, 2008, 3:16 pm
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ok, let’s face it….the blogging is probably going to be pretty puppy-heavy for a while….

here she is in the car on the way home:

she wanted to sit on my lap and was very persistent, but…i didn’t budge!  i’m a tough cookie that way.

she then tried to entertain herself by counting how many strip malls we drove by on the way home.

cody bear hates the car. i think it is because of the queasiness.  he climbs in the back seat and curls up in a little ball and makes mopey faces.

so i took the day off from work to acclimate her to her new surroundings.  i’m not doing so good.  and…i thought i would get some housework done.  nope.  none of that either.  i think i need a big breakfast/lunch. that will help.


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She is so precious! Poor cody bear! I never let Patch ride in the front-because he might distract me, but put him in the back seat-his favorite place ever!

Comment by Mercedes

Pickles is so adorable. Has Cody Bear met her yet?

Comment by Kathryn

That’s what we want…puppy-heavy.

Comment by Tuffy

Yea! New puppy! Pickles shall be a wonderful addition to the StarCraving household!

Comment by forkboy

It is a beautiful puppy.

A greeting from Barcelona.

Comment by ninona

She’s the cutest… I just want to hug and sqeeze her.

Maybe I can use CodyBear for my therapy! 🙂

Comment by elizabethews

I hope you had an enjoyable, restful Furparental leave.
Cai and Fergus have harnesses for the back seat. I figger what’s good for skinbabies is good for them. We were so cautious with puppy Cai that his first trip home was in the cat crate — and he whined and screamed the whole way!

Comment by lavenderbay

Ohhhh, so cute! But I have no idea what it has to do with the possibly-related post about Cthulhu!

Comment by jamesviscosi

In the first picture, I think Pickles was telling you to hit Dairy Queen on the way to wherever you were taking her (I wonder where she thought she was going?).

On my ride from the airport (where my personal assistant met me and took me home), I was so scared and freaked out that he let me ride in front, and I proceeded to try to wedge myself in-between him and his seat back while he was driving!

Comment by Checkers

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