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bee in a rug!
June 29, 2008, 11:26 pm
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more specifically, a megachile! i had to call a.h. (entomologist and bee maven!) thursday when i saw a bee with some suspicious behavior outside my back door. i had a pile of old throw rugs that were in limbo. should i wash them, or was the dog hair collection too much to salvage the rugs?

so they had been sitting there on a table for months.

that morning i saw a solitary bee hovering and then diving into the rugs. now i knew they weren’t killer bees. no killer bee worth its pollen would be found dead living a mere 4 feet above ground in an old pink rug.

so, she and r. came over today and look what they found!

a megachile! a solitary bee! do you see her face sticking out of the tube on the right?

she had made these three tubes out of leaves…and…some dog hair was present, as well.

a.h. gently removed the tube so as not to disturb the baby bees inside.

isn’t that amazing? have you ever seen anything like that? that’s why they’re called leafcutter bees.

so, she is safely tucked back into the rug, nestled…if you will. however, she may be seeing spots from the flash of my camera! i hope she’s ok!

i will leave her alone and NOT throw the rugs away or wash them until a.h. gives me the go ahead.

i’m so fortunate to have such cool bees at my house. if you search my blog, you will see pictures and tales of the ground nesting bees i have on the property, as well. oh, and some hot and heavy honey bee action, too!


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That’s so very cool AND interesting. Thanks for snapping pics and posting them!

Comment by forkboy

glad you liked ’em forkboy!

Comment by goodbear

that is actually really cool.
bees scare the daylights out of me but that is really cool.

Comment by Erika

I haven’t seen that before goodbear. That is amazing indeed! Snug as a bee in a rug lol.

Comment by livingisdetail

We have critters — spiders? caterpillars? don’t remember — that will pull a maple leaf over and silk it up so it’s folded omelette-fashion. But this megachile is something else! Good for you for paying attention and finding it!

Comment by lavenderbay

Wow, I’ve never seen a bee that lives in a cigar before!

Comment by jamesviscosi

I’ve never seen such stuff! Brilliant work from those bees! They could sell their used tubes on Ebay!

Comment by S. Le

glad you guys thought it was cool, too!
thanks for stopping by the bee post!

Comment by goodbear

I’d never seen such a thing before. Thank you for increasing my knowledge of bees.

Comment by Kym

glad you could stop by to see this crazy bee stuff. i myself had no idea such crazy bee stuff was happening in my own backyard.

Comment by goodbear

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