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pupdate, i mean update!
June 29, 2008, 6:57 pm
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this morning, there was purring in our house once again!  pickles was asleep in her crate next to my bed.  around 5ish, my kitty padded in, over cody bear, hopped on the bed, walked over my back and sat watching the puppy sleep.  i watcher her as she looked down into the crate, then she turned to me, head butted my hand and started purring.  she then slept on her side on the bed for 30 minutes or so!

then it was off to pickles’ first puppy socialization class at a local shelter/training center.

she loved it! she ran almost the entire time, but took cool-downs in the pool when needed.  she loved to get out of the pool, then run into the center as fast as she could and then sliiiiide on her belly on the cement floor. everyone was cracking up.

here she is meeting a pure bred smooth coat border collie…

she didn’t steel anyone’s toys or growl when approached if she had one.  she got along with everyone.  even the one pushy dog. she held her own, then just got away.

here she is bounding over to everyone’s friend, a little white dog(i forget his name)….

there were about 7 or 8 dogs in the tiny puppy section where we were, and even more of the older/bigger puppies in the other section

here she is practicing her sheep dog’s “eye” with a chihuahua and a lab…

she chased the chi and when she got there she was like…”hi…I’M PICKLES!” and just turn and ran away.  no take down. it was awesome! greet-run-pool-run-slide-sniff-pool-run-slide-cuddle-chase-chase-pool-run-slide-cuddle-bark-run-car-sleep…

so, we get home and she’s exhausted.  i put her in her crate to sleep and i giver her a bowl of kibble and some peanut butter kong.  i think, she’ll sleep.  i leave to take cody bear to the book store.  she barked the whole time i was gone!  i thought she was over this!

and it is so sad to see her so confident one minute, then terrified of cody bear, my little guy who just wants someone to chase him….

he is starting to get depressed, so a.h. and r. are coming over in an hour.  i love my dogs and i so badly want them to love eachother…


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The first purr after a major change is always an exciting thing!

I bet they’re gonna love each other lots soon… hang in there!

Comment by Laura

It sounds like things are going as they should. Enjoy the process. Us dogs do it in our own time, but we figure it out pretty well. Love “Pupdate!”

Comment by Checkers

Pickles! What a cute puppy!

Comment by forkboy

She is so beautiful. Congratulations on having little Pickles home with you at last. I am sure she will get used to her big brother very soon.

Comment by livingisdetail

From your description of the playdate, Pickles is bright and sociable and well-adjusted. Hopefully she’ll figure out Cody soon enough.

Comment by lavenderbay

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