cody bear's friends

puppy steps, puppy steps….

ah, beautiful cody bear.  feelings hurt a little?  trying to make friends with the new pup and she’s too scared?

things were looking up.  pickles was gaining confidence. i took her shopping and she got a new loofah dog and bought the hedge hog for cody bear that he has been wanting for months.

shopping wore her out:

but not sleepy enough that she didn’t try to take the hedge hog he was cherishing…

he growled and snapped menacingly in her direction in a “mine” warning and she went shrieking like a canine banshee and hid behind the heater.  he never even touched her, but….it left her even MORE worn out:

but, i ended up giving the hedge hog back to cody bear because….he was just trying to communicate, “mine”.

it has been about 5 hours and she still is too afraid to come near him.  he’s forgotten it.  in fact,….he has no idea where the hedge hog is.

they’ll work it out.  in the meantime….we’ll start some clicker training:

1. with tiny pickles, to build her confidence

2. with cody bear, to continue his training and give him some one on one time.


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Poor Cody Bear-and Pickles. Hopefully they will be the best of dog friends soon!

Comment by Mercedes

Baby steps is right.

Comment by Gina

I agree about giving Cody back his hedgehog.
It’s interesting about Pickles hiding behind the heater. Too bad she doesn’t feel that kind of safety in her crate. Sigh. Motherhood…

Comment by lavenderbay

We had the same thing with Dennis and Trixie. She’ll soon learn that the growl just means “mine” and things will be fine.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Pickles has the coolest food dish I ever saw!

Comment by Checkers

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