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the great loofah switcheroo of 2008
June 30, 2008, 4:12 am
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and so the day comes to an end.  the weather is super ratty/dangerous so i can’t walk the dogs.  as you well know, border collies need exercise and so do mandarin collies.  so…cody bear and i played indoor fetch and he ran around the back yard as much as he could.  but pickles….she’s still too scared of cody bear to get any good exercise in the back yard, and when indoors….all she wants to do is chew.

hey that’s cool. she’s right on track for a puppy in the chewing department.

but, here’s the product of the loofah dog shoot:

i think she was still tired from her puppy socialization hour this morning.

note the wagging tail?  you see…he got HER new loofah and somehow she got stuck with his OLD loofah.  big brothers!  always up to something!

back to work tomorrow, but just for half a day.  now i have twoooo dogs to miss while i’m at work instead of just the one. great….


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Hey, it’s Mr. Purple! He was Cai’s first toy.
Cai is always walking off with Fergus’s toys, but Fergus takes Cai’s things just as often.

Comment by lavenderbay

Ah, the old switcheroo. Good job, cody bear. Assert your authori-tay.

Comment by Checkers

Oh, what a lovely border collie pup! How sweet! I sure do enjoy Cody Bear’s expressions… beautiful dog. 🙂

Comment by Anna Surface

Cute! “What, this … ? This one has always been mine!”

Comment by jamesviscosi

Love this picture of tired Pickles and confident, happy CB!

Comment by Gina

thanks anna. i just love him and find him more beautiful every day.

Comment by goodbear

gina, its funny you say confident! the first two days he was befuddled. but this day he regained his confidence. you know your dog facial expressions!

Comment by goodbear

[…] I saw on goodbear’s blog that Pickles got a new loofa dog. I told my personal assistant that I need one of those. He went […]

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