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the much missed dog smile
June 30, 2008, 3:02 pm
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ah, at last….

a smile from cody bear.  he actually cheered up for a while last night. i think he is realizing that i still love him and that he is mommy’s favorite little bear!

despite the fact that pickles usurped his chicken!


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Pickles got the chicken…I don’t know what to say!

Does Pickles have a slight blaze on her forehead? Or is that just dirt.

Comment by Checkers

it is a very very teeny tiny blaze. she’s embarrassed by it, but i told her it was very becoming. she keeps saying to cody bear, “doesn’t it look like i have dirt on my head?” and he’s all, “not unless dirt is white now. is dirt white? no. it’s brown. now relax and chew that chilly bone.”

Comment by goodbear

Pickles! You’re supposed to bite the chicken’s head off, not its feet! Ozzy Osborne would be so disappointed …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Pickles is a great puppy name for the record.

Comment by Patrick and Jackson

thanks p & j!
for the record checkers, pickles does NOT have the chicken. she is allowed to chew on it when cody bear is not having his morning or evening chicken run. i’m not going to budge on this!

Comment by goodbear

james, pickles is not into metal doing to her sensitive border collie nature. BUT…if she likes country music….she’s out of here!

Comment by goodbear

Big blowout over music with mom as Pickles enters her teens.

Gb: “You got to know when to hold ’em — know when to fold ’em.”
P: “These boots are made for walkin’, mamma, and that’s just what they’ll do!”

Comment by lavenderbay

Sqwack! the chicken?! she got the chicken?! she is lucky she lives w/ CB. Even for a second, while eating his dinner, Buddy (who =definitely= had a dog-in-the-manger complex) never would’ve allowed that.

Comment by Robin

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