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June 30, 2008, 9:00 pm
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i’m out of the office for one day, ONE DAY, and look what happens.  just kidding.  we think it actually happened saturday night.  i gotta tell you, i don’t know one single thing about graffiti. (other than graffito is the plural version) so who knows what it says.  what if it says “this wall is too white!?”


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I think that says,”Don’t park your car in the street if it’s gonna rain!”

Comment by Checkers

I think it says “twenty-three skidoo”. Or possibly “I’m a delinquent”.

Comment by jamesviscosi

nice translations guys!
i know it is incoherent, and i’m supposed to be upset about it…but…i can’t help seeing a teensy bit of art to it.
see…here’s the thing: i don’t understand it. and isn’t art frequently misunderstood?
or…are they saying: the person who works here can barely afford health insurance so moooove onnnn!

Comment by goodbear

Hey, it has been crossed out by a graffiti teacher with silver paint.

Comment by livingisdetail

good take on it, livingisdetail!

Comment by goodbear

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of techies?”

Comment by lavenderbay

I think it says shadow….does that help?

Comment by divinerhythm04

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