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yipe yipe yipe.
July 1, 2008, 1:50 pm
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it happened.

it was just a matter of time.

pickles got into the cholla.

and pickles is a screamer.

for those of you that don’t know what cholla is…

it hurts like hell and it really sticks in there. lots of spines and they don’t come out easy.  when a dog gets them in their paw you should pull them out with tongs or at the least thick gloves. which you will never have.

this plant is missing from dennis’ weed primer.

cody bear has gotten them on a walk once and it hurt but he kept it together long enough for me to use his leash to protect my fingers.  pickles let out a high pitched death cry. i had no choice but to grab it with my bare hand. oh…my….god.   there were still some spines that needed tweezing, but was pretty calm by then.

too bad, because she was finally getting her courage up and venturing into the outer regions of the yard.

this morning she actually ran a little!

she perked up alot once i came home with her own kiddie pool.

i’m exhausted today….

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Ouch! Poor Pickles! Poor You! Ooohhh~ a doggy pool-how exciting!

Comment by Mercedes

Poor baby girl.

Comment by Gina

Again w/ the chicken?! I should think that would make up for cholla. Well, on second thought, I hate those nasty things, too.

Comment by Robin

My p.a. says chollas are wicked mean plants. He swears that you don’t have to touch them to get stabbed, if your close enough, the spines will shoot themselves right into you! (I’m not sure that’s true) Poor Pickles! And poor you having to pull it out!!!

Comment by Checkers

Poor baby. That’s a nasty plant to sting a little puppykins. Love that chicken. I have even glanced at the available dog toys in my supermarket and they only have the nude chicken variety which is not fun at all.

Comment by livingisdetail

hello pickles its dennis the vizsla dog sorry i missd that weed on my list i hav dooly noted it and it will be on the next wun ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi


Glad everyone’s ok…

Comment by anonyjw

Ow ow owie ow!

Comment by lavenderbay

Looks like a traumatic experience — good thing you knew what to do. That spiny looking plant looks like it has “don’t touch me” written all over it… I guess Pickles will learn to read fast!

Comment by eyegillian

It looks like Pickles has absconded with someone’s well-known chicken!

Comment by forkboy

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