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status report – on speaking terms?
July 2, 2008, 5:27 am
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well, i’m happy to report the furpods are warming up to each other.  actually, cody bear has been VERY sensitive to pickles’ fears.  it’s weird to watch him be so careful and try not to scare her.  he has been moving very slowly when they are indoors in close quarters.  other things, too. i can’t explain it, but i see him treading lightly….

whatever it is, it’s working.  especially if i continue to take them places where pickles feels more confident.  like here, in a bath tub at the dog wash.

i hope she keeps playing with things like drains, as he will have no interest in taking them from her.  he was like, “girrrrl.  that’s a drain not a toy. it doesn’t even squeak!”

they had a good experience today.  bonded over shopping. so i turn around and what do i see:

look how happy cody bear is!  pickles looks freaked but usually she is hiding under my desk at my feet, so this is real progress!

good job you two!

oh i just love ’em!


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G, will Pickles be at puppy pop-in on Sun, If so I may try to get up early and visit. I so much want to see you and Pickles, Codybear too although I don’t think he can come. Let me know.

Comment by Con

we’ll be there!

Comment by goodbear

There they are again-all photogenic!

Comment by Mercedes

I’m enjoying your updates and pics.

Comment by spdd

Oh that is great and she is even lying on his bed!! Way to go CB.

Comment by Gina

cody bear says, “yeah, we’s good!”

Comment by Checkers

I’m glad to see they are getting along so well. They’re both beautiful dogs.

Comment by twobarkingdogs

thanks everyone, for checking on their status and for commenting on how cute they are and such.

i think they’re coming along!

Comment by goodbear

Congratulations, Cody Bear, on being such a terrific big brother.

Comment by lavenderbay

Gorgeous Doggy Family!

Comment by Patrick and Jackson

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