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the seedy underbellies of my neighborhood
July 2, 2008, 8:10 pm
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lots of news. first….tagged again. this time the neighbor’s fence at home across my alley.  this is my view now:

as ugly as that is….it gets worse. and thank your lucky stars i don’t have a picture.  remember my creepy neighbor? well, he bought a chopper. a huge loud one with the big chrome bars in the front.

so the other day i’m outside and i hear the bike start and he drives by…right on that spot of the alley you see there, and he slows down and he looks into the yard and he is wearing giant black sunglasses (think paris hilton) the tightest jeans…and no shirt….big BIG sweaty belly jiggling as he rides slowly by.

i’ve seen alot of disgusting things in my time.  that is up there, let me tell ya! i can’t believe how many people’s days he ruined driving through the streets of town like that.

i…i….i….i just don’t know….


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My stomach is turning…

Comment by Mercedes

There should be dress codes for everywhere but the inside of your own private home!

Comment by Patrick and Jackson

it was horrible. “the horror…the horror.”

Comment by goodbear

Not only is that incredibly nasty, but riding shirtless is a good way to get degloved!

Comment by jamesviscosi

finally! someone used “DEGLOVED” on my blog!

Comment by goodbear

He might be terrific diet aid if he roars by just before dinner time. 😦

Comment by lavenderbay

The picture in my mind is making me sick to my stomach.

Comment by Gina

Tagging…. One of my pet hates!!!
Big fat sweaty half naked biker….
Gag, Gag, Gag

Comment by Tony

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