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mysteries of my back yard revelealed!
July 3, 2008, 1:57 pm
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since i got pickles, i’ve been getting up extra early and spending more time in the back yard so that she will build her cody bear confidence. i was like “what am i supposed to blog about today?” it’s always safe to blog about the doggity doggers, but, well maybe something different. so i’m wandering through the yard and i see these:

yes, last night was another night blooming cereus branch bloom and i didn’t even know it i saw them dieing. these were the last blooms of the year.

so then i snapped shots of things i DON’T like in my back yard. i love my back yard: it’s huge and wild and peaceful. but, there are these:

fire ants. they’re gone now. see how the dirt is reddish? that’s cinnamon. two days ago there was a mass of fire ants milling about. i put about a cup of cinnamon around the hole before work and while i was gone they moved to someone else’s yard.

other things i don’t like about my back yard:

the view of my neighbor on his chopper with his big sweaty stomach. the snotty, snotty pony-tail wearing engineer who lets his un-neutered, un-leashed dog pee and poo on cody bear’s fence, sending into a rage. the baby mesquite trees that have to pulled out with pliers because the roots are longer than the stems. i pulled out about 100 of them this week.

oh, and…the cicada in my pants!!! he got me again! i went to take my clothes off the line this a.m. and i put my hand right on him. he let out his murderous bug cry and went flying off….as i screamed and then succumbed to my fear giggles.

now,….time for cuteness:

pickles, digging her first hole!

and here’s cody bear, looking tired, wondering why we’ve been getting up so early, but still running!


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I’ve read about Night Blooming Cereus — it must be an amazing plant — I’m impressed that you actually caught it in bloom!

And fire ants. Oh yes, I remember finding them two summers ago, camping with Jack and Lavenderbay in Bon Echo, and stopping our canoe to have lunch on a lovely deserted rocky islet. Not for long!! Now I know how quickly three people can jump into a canoe. (We’re going back to Bon Echo next week. We must remember to bring cinnamon.)

Comment by eyegillian

So I won’t bother telling you about those ants. Cinnamon, think cinnamon!!!!
The cereus look like lotus — just beautiful! As are Cody and Pickles, with the added bonus of being much longer lasting.

Comment by lavenderbay

Pickles, lol, I LOVE that name!

Cody, you look so big and fuzzy in this picture I just want to cuddle!

Comment by Lissa

Pickles’ first little hole! A great milestone!

Comment by Gina

goodbear, why do humans have such complicated lives? It must be worth it, since all humans seem to have it like that. I don’t get it, though!

Do those ants start fires? Do they spit fire? Are they made of fire? Too many questions, sorry.

Comment by Checkers

Your back yard looks very desert like. We had fire ants somehow get to Australia, the government carried out a massive Fire Ant erradication program. FAET (Fire Ant Erradication Team)Blokes would come to your home & scatter little pellet bait things all over the yard. Haven’t heard about them for a long time now so the musta wiped out the little suckers.

Comment by Tony

Oh my! Pickels is a dog! not something you put on a cheeseburger! She is very cute!

Comment by Daisy

Pickles and Codi look like they will make a most wonderful team once all is settled.

Comment by forkboy

I had no idea cinnamon drove off fire ants! What if it’s in the form of a cinnamon babka? 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

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