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happy birthday to my cody bear
July 4, 2008, 1:14 am
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the fourth of july is best known for america’s independence from england, BUT the true magic of July 4th is ….CODY BEAR’S BIRTHDAY!!

YESSSSSSSS.  the day we celebrate the birth of this oh-so-special dog! so, here are some of cody’s moments on film.  i have always felt, as great as cody bear’s photos are, they don’t BEGIN to communicate his unbelievable lovableness!

so, imagine these pictures times 1000!

him napping at about 4 months old:

when my mom saw that shot she said, “ohhh, my little cinnamon bun!”

cody bear recently, on his morning chicken run….

his favorite activity is running very, very fast….

one of his less brilliant moments…

doesn’t he look peeved?

as you have all learned, he loves having his photo taken….

and he loves playing….

at nine weeks he weighed nine pounds.  he was a shelter puppy….

so, let’s review: i love love LOVE this dog.  he is cute, intellegent, cuddly, protective, well-behaved, loves people, silly, fun, inquisitive, determined, playful, comforting, expressive and engaging.

and did i impart to you that i love him?  cuz i do.


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Happy Happy Birthday Mr. C.B.!!!

I love the last picture.

Tell cody bear I like his wearable satellite dish. How many channels could he recieve?

Comment by Checkers

Happy Birthday, Cody Bear! You sure are a handsome dog!

Comment by Laura

checkers and laura,
thanks for cody bear’s b-day wishes. he definitely feels the friendship!

Comment by goodbear


Comment by buzzybeegirl

Happy birthday, Cody Bear!
How old are you?

Comment by lavenderbay

Happy Birthday cousin Cody!! Hope your birthday is PURRRRRRRfect!

Comment by PennyCat

4 years old!!!

Comment by goodbear

Happy Birthday Cody! We love you, your birthday Jerky is on its way!

Comment by hamptonite

What a cute puppy he was (and is)!

Comment by jamesviscosi

thanks for the birthday wishes for cody bear everyone!

Comment by goodbear

Happy 4th and Happy Birthday Cody Bear!

Comment by Mercedes

You dog is adorable. I am so glad you enjoy having him. I have a dog story, too. You can read about it at Have a great weekend!

Comment by Andrea Ludwig

Happy 4th birthday on the 4th, Cody Bear, you beautiful, sweet baby.

Comment by Gina

Cody Bear is a very gorgeous dog! And it makes me happy to see such great friendship between the two of you!
Happy Birthday, Cody Bear! *hugs*

Comment by DustyVinci

cody bear thanks you all for the sweet comments.
thanks for visiting the blog everyone!

Comment by goodbear

We love you too Cody Bear! Happy Furday!

Comment by Drunkbunny

Hi Cody,

We’re de-lurking to wish you a happy birthday. We really enjoy reading your blog. Lots of people have told our mom that chows can’t do agility, glad to see you’re proving them wrong. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Your buddies, Texie and the Principesa

Comment by tanglad

glad you found our blog trixie and pricipesa!

Comment by goodbear

I haven’t yet taken the time to read through your posts, but, I do intend to. What I’ve noticed is that your dog looks nearly identical to mine which I adopted from a local shelter in NC 7 years ago. Do you know anything about what breed/background yours is?

Comment by Mark

hi mark. glad you found the blog. do you have pix of your dog on your blog?

cody bear is a chow mix. of that i am certain. and then it is likely he has some sort of herding dog in there, as well.

he’s just the most lovable guy!

Comment by goodbear

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