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lazy snakes and spastic pupsters
July 5, 2008, 4:48 am
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my sister’s milksnake has shed its skin:

she’s not too happy with the snake.  you see, the chipmunks are making her miserable: trashing her garden, destroying siding.  snake needs to work harder!

currently pickles is chomping on an icecube, cody bear is sleeping at my feet one of my stupid neighbors is setting off fireworks.  some have gone off above my back yard.

…and i’m thinking of going to bed really really early.  i have a toothache, so that is tiring me out. plus….pickles was a terror today.  she is getting more comfortable and her inner trouble maker is surfacing.


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Ahhh the old surfacing inner trouble maker. We’ve got that to look forward to when it comes time to get a new poodle puppy

Comment by Tony

I hope you feel better soon, Goodbear! It’s amazing how quickly a (fur)child’s cute, spritely behaviour morphs into devilspawn terrorism when Mummy has a headache, isn’t it?

Comment by lavenderbay

We had idiots setting of fireworks nearby too, despite the fact that we live in a canyon full of dry weeds and like 40% of California is currently on fire. Luckily nothing seems to have burned up as a result.

Pickles is at the ice-cube-chomping stage, eh? Tucker used to do that too!

Comment by jamesviscosi

In her terrible twos already! My brother’s Rottie mix loves ice cubes.

Comment by Gina

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